Gradually quitting after 40 years of use

Hello all. I’ve been a regular smoker for 40+ years and am beginning my journey by decreasing use . I have wanted to quit for sometime now but just never found the right time . My tolerance is such that I no longer feel high when smoking just a habit that has now caused me to loose my motivation and drive along with spending a small fortune on it . I look forward to keeping up with others that have successfully quit .


Hey there! 20 year smoker here, also been wanting to stop for a long time. Glad to see you here!


One day at a time​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs:


I am 61 and also a 40 year daily abuser. I am on day 13. I have therapy in 5 minutes but l want you to know l am with you. How old are you? Are you male or female,? I am female. If you do not want to andswer no problem. Maybe we can work on this together :heart: :thinking:


Hello there! It’s great to see you taking the first step towards reducing and eventually quitting smoking after 40+ years. It will be challenging, but it’s definitely worth it!!

You’ve already taken a significant step by acknowledging the need for change, and that’s something to be proud of. We’re here to support you on this journey, and we look forward to hearing about your successes and progress.

What is your strategy for cutting down in advance of quitting?


Good for you that you have decided to end the Reefer Madness!

So thrilled you found your way here!

Nothing is permanent, everything is temporary and getting Clean is by no means easy or linear!

One day at a time, anything is possible if you stick with it! I just passed 500 days clean and sober!

Good luck with your personal journey, come back often​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs::pray:

I have also smoked for a very long time. I am wondering if anyone had lost there sence of taste? I have been off weed for 28 day’s. I think my taste is coming back. I had no idea weed could cause anxiety and depression. It seems to be getting better.

Anything is possible when withdrawing.

Nothing is permanent it does take time, lots of time.

How long, how much, how often and the strength of what you used is in direct correlation to the intensity and length of eventually becoming clean.

My anxiety and depression left me when I stopped using Weed. I still take an SSRI medication to keep it all in check!

One day at a time, easy does it, be kind to yourself​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs::pray:

Oh, 28 days off the green stuff and rediscovering your taste buds? That’s like a flavor awakening! As for the anxiety and depression, maybe they thought you were throwing a party and decided to leave. Keep on this taste-filled, anxiety-free journey – your taste buds and emotions are finally on the same page! Best wishes @Tracey!!

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Has getting your ability to taste back happened to any one else? I could use a good read on line or in a book ? Very thankful for this web sight. I never thought l would quit weed. My anxiety and depression was so bad, l would have done just about anything to make it stop.

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Quit weed cold turkey 4 weeks ago, and 5 weeks ago quit alcohol. The booze really destroyed my stomach lining I believe. Began using weed about 4 years ago, growing my own weed (I live in Canada where it is legal), decarbing, infusing and baking cookies for sleep. Due to anxiety, and my wine “habit” have had a time with sleep for years. My cookies took care of that and I slept well until I didn’t. January of this year was when I began vaping, due to some fairly difficult situations. It took me about 2 months to actually het a handle on vaping, but once I got it, just vaped every time I felt stressed, by the end I would vape for a good portion of the day. Now, I must mention that I am (embarrassed as hell to say) 73 years old. Have a husband with parkinsons disease, daughter and children living with me which is not an excuse though I used it as such. I am oldish but have run for years, lifted weights etc until weed took hold. Luckily have no health issues other than my angry gut. Take an SSRI for anxiety which does help a lot in the quit weed journey, and what I call a stomach pill.
Giving up cannabis has been perhaps the hardest thing I have ever done. Giving up alcohol was nothing, no withdrawals, no cravings at all, but weed….whole nuther story. Sleep is the worst but am loving my dreams. Believe it or not I have had supportive people in my dreams, and so fortunate to remember. Had stopped having dreams with both the cannabis and alcohol affecting my REM sleep.
One of the reasons I stopped was because I actually thought I had the beginnings of dementia because my memory was absolute shit. Could not remember why I entered a room, where I put stuff, was laid back as heck, hardly anything troubled me and if it did I vaped. My tolerance was through the roof, another reason I quit. The last big reason is that I am going to Europe in a couple of weeks and could not bring it with me.
My sleep still sucks big time, but I am going to the gym, going for walks, gardening trying to tire myself out. It has been 2 days since I had night sweats, but still getting mild headaches. I understand my withdrawal symptoms could be worse due to my age. Sleep has long been an issue but hoping it will normalize soon please. Realize after much reading that it may well be 6 months and a ton of work.
My reply is all about myself, sorry, but just joined and do not know how to just post, after all I am 73.

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Hi @Barb

Age is just a number, and it sounds like you’re breaking all the stereotypes! Quitting weed and alcohol is like your personal world tour of self-improvement. You’ve kicked alcohol to the curb like it was no big deal, and now you’re taking on weed like a champ.

It’s awesome that you’re rediscovering the joys of dreaming and embracing the adventure of Europe without the baggage of cannabis. And hey, you’re not alone in those withdrawal struggles – sleepless nights, mild headaches, they’re all part of the journey. Keep hitting the gym, taking those walks, and turning your garden into a tropical paradise; it’s all a part of the grand comeback tour!

Remember, it’s never too late to rewrite your story. Keep sharing your journey, and you’ll inspire others along the way!

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Thank you so much. This is such a very good place to share and learn.

One day at a time, easy does it, be kind to yourself. It took a long time to get to where you are now, it will take time to reverse the use and abuse!!

You can do it​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs::pray: