20 Years THC Use

I quit smoking extracts after 20 years of THC use. I’m sweating!!! Vicious. I feel like I’m on the very precipice of feeling like opiate withdrawal. Not there yet. Not as severe obviously however the discomfort is right at the door step. I feel like if I lay down I’m going to end up kicking my legs. I can’t get right with the temperature, I sit here with my head on my desk from the moment I wake up to the moment my ass gets tired and I lay back down, sweating.

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Hey, kudos on taking the big step to quit smoking extracts after two decades! That’s a monumental decision, and it’s totally normal to feel a bit out of sorts as your body adjusts.

It sounds like you’re experiencing some rough patches with the temperature swings and sweating – your body’s way of recalibrating.

Have you tried any relaxation techniques or maybe incorporating some light exercise to help ease the discomfort? Remember, every step you take toward your goal is a victory worth celebrating!

How are you holding up otherwise?

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Im extremely pissed off

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Try doing some exercise or take a walk if you can.

Be patient. It is not easy. Things is life that are easy are not very rewarding. This will pay off in the long run. I just smoked after 90 days fortunately I was able to not continue. I said I would never smoke again but I did. I was able to just keep it to that one night. We went to the bar to see a band and I smoked. I knew I probably would before we went. The thing was not to continue using. I’m now one week one my new streak. It took me like three days to get my head clear again. Stay active was my go too. Be strong you can do this!