Another question?

Well I’m at one month and the anxiety anger and general malaise have returned with a vengeance. TBH when I read the “brochures” from the treatment centers online they made it sound like by “week 3 the symptoms should have resolved themselves”.

Well I’ve got bad news for them I’m either a special case or they’re grossly misinformed. So I guess the biggest question I have is. Has anyone else displayed all the symptoms long after the claimed 3 week mark and once again the reason I ask is because if they haven’t or if they’ve seen a marked improvement then my issues may have nothing to do with detoxing and may be being caused by one of the myriad of other health issues I have and the drugs I’ve been prescribed to deal with them and if that’s the case then at least I’ll be able to deal with them separately.

Thanks in advance



I am one month weed free, and am just starting to feel better. I have no health issues other than an angry gut which I have had for many years. The night sweats stopped 3 days ago. I still sleep only 2 hours, but do manage to go back to sleep for maybe another 2. Quitting weed is not butterflies and rainbows like some lead one to believe…you are not alone in this. Cannabis remains in your fat cells for up to 6 months. I applaud you for joining this forum, and for quitting weed. It is a big deal to quit and if you have been a daily user not at all easy. You may experience anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, nausea. I have learned from this experience that I would never use again. Contrary to what we are led to believe it is absolutely an addictive drug and withdrawal is not easy. Do not beat yourself up, and hang in there, soon it will be better and remind you never to use this addictive drug again. You have been misled.


Thanks for the information and you can be assured that I will never touch that crap again. So, I’ll just keep plodding along and hope that the monkey on my back keeps getting smaller and smaller as time goes on.

And like you say we and millions of other people have been been fed a line of crap about marijuana’s harmlessness and “non, addictive” properties. It’s kind of scary to think that they marketed this crap the same way they marketed Oxycontin and with the same result.

Yet only only one drug dealer got hammered by the gov’t. A fact which makes me wonder in Canada specifically if the gov’t being the dealer and arbitrator of what’s legal cannabis had anything to do with the lack of honest information about it. Especially since they legalized a drug with a complete lack of testing and clinical trials. Something they’d never do for a pharmaceutical one :rage:

Anyway once again thanks for the information and I’ll just carry on as normal and hope for the best.

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Everyone is different and what you are experiencing could be with you for quite sometime. Any brochure that delineates a set schedule for symptoms and their finality is nonsense as far as I am concerned (that is just my opinion).

I know nothing of your medical conditions and the pharmaceuticals you have been prescribed, but the P450 mechanism in the liver, impacts anything we introduce in our body and how effectively a drug does or does not do what it is intended to do.

Nothing is permanent, if you stick with the process things should improve :pray::hugs::pray::hugs::pray:


Thank you for your wonderful share!

Yes Weed us addictive

Yes withdrawal is a true slugfest

Yes coming out the other side is not butterflies and rainbows

Yes to all the possible withdrawal symptoms and it is different for everyone.

Congratulations to you and the personal journey you are on toward a life without Weed​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs:


What I see happening here in Canada is they are correctly telling us that NO alcohol is the best way to go, or a very small amount. However, every 2 blocks there is a cannabis store that is regulated by the government. Doctors are prescribing medical cannabis for pain. It is all nonsense and frankly scary. Once again the population is being manipulated.


Thanks for the info and given there’s no way to go but forward since going backwards isn’t an option I’m willing to entertain, I’ll just keep on plugging away.:+1:

But I’ll likely have more questions in the future.:wink:


I couldn’t agree more that we’re being played But remember other nations have discovered that when times are tough, a stoned population is normally a docile and compliant one.

Just ask Kim Jong- Un. Marijuana is illegal in North Korea but the gov’t turns a complete blind eye to it’s sale growth and distribution for obvious reasons. I also have an article that puts paid to the myth that Marijuana is really the safest way to treat for pain. At best it just makes you somewhat ambivalent to the pain. To bad that I didn’t find the article before I fell for the marijuana lobby/medical community myth.

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Ask away and will respond as best I can🙌

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Thanks I appreciate that, especially since I’m basically illiterate about Cannabis withdrawal.:+1:

Thanks for calling this out!! It’s a major sticking point for us.

The use of the term “medical marijuana” grants weed a medical legitimacy comparable to extensively researched and clinically tested drugs. This nomenclature creates confusion among the general public, implying that medical marijuana adheres to the same regulatory standards as other medications. The medical marijuana industry is in a position to take advantage of this lack of research by pushing claims that may or not be true. It is this veneer of legitimacy that must be stamped out.

We’ve written extensively on this topic @ The Medical Marijuana Myth: Why We Advocate for Phasing Out "Medical" Marijuana -

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No problem. I just get extremely pissed off when I get played by someone for profit even if that someone is a gov’t who legalized a drug that they and the rest of the world knew and still know basically nothing about just so they could buy votes.

So I sincerely hope you get your way and the gov’t has to stop trying to pass marijuana off as a “pharmaceutical” rather than what it really is… a nasty nasty drug that’s been screwed with so many times it now more resembles a major psychotropic than the allegedly innocuous herb from the 1960’s

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I totally hear your frustration, and it’s incredibly maddening when politicians seem to be more interested in playing games for votes than in addressing real issues. While we are in favor or MJ legalization and are not “anti-weed”, we don’t believe in misleading vulnerable populations by portraying marijuana as “medicine”.

There’s still much to learn about its effects, both positive and negative. It’s crucial for policymakers to base their decisions on sound research and not just political motives and the big money marijuana industry.