The sleep was bad before but now it’s even worse

Hello all, I’m new here and four days sober. I’ve smoked for 36 years but since it became legal I’ve been a chronic smoker. Looking back I can see the toll it has had on my life and I find it crazy that I hadn’t considered that until very recently. I’ve had trouble staying asleep and when YouTube videos came into me feed that suggested pot could be the cause I looked past them. Denial is funny because I consider my self a very rational person. So I decided to quit. No side effects except for a tiny headache on day two and insomnia. I’m a pretty healthy guy but this is next level sleeplessness. I can feel myself falling asleep but then my heart rate jump and I’m back to square one. Getting about five hours vs the seven I’d get using. What can I expect going forward? Will it get worse before it gets better? Am I in for two weeks of this or three months? Will I relapse and at what point is that risk at its highest?

My life has to change and perhaps this low point I’m experiencing can be viewed as a gift if it results in the major shift into sobriety.

I want a better life. Better relationships. More ambition, creativity and productivity. Right now I have no close friends and I’m unemployed. It tears me up now that I don’t have weed to fill that hole.

Holy crap. What a great place to feel alone. I should have looked at the old ass posts here before I signed up. Close this site if no one is here

Please delete my account.

Too bad you want your account delted.

Its funny you wrote 36 years that the exact same years for me. Started at 17 and now 54. Its took its toll on me. A lot ofmoney, time and health issues.

I didnt have much issues quitting but have tried before and never lasted long.

Its more that its stange not smoking as I see things very different now.