This is the worst experience in my life - never going back

Thank you to everyone who has posted their experiences. It has been really helpful. I hope my experience may help someone as yours helped me.

I had been smoking (dry herb vaping) weed for a few years. It’s a nightly thing for me and I never thought it was that much, 1 oven full, 1/4 lasted me a month+.

I quit about a year ago for a few months and had no issues at all, no withdrawal. Then about 6 months ago I got Covid and didn’t smoke for a few weeks again. At the time I had no idea some of the Covid symptoms were actually withdrawal symptoms.

A few weeks ago I was home alone for a week and told myself I would go all out for a week then I’m done for good! That was a week-long marathon. Monday came along and I had no flower left. I had some CBD edibles with 0.5 mg THC and started using those up along with finishing up some carts I had. By Thursday I was way down on the THC intake. I didn’t realize my lack of appetite was due to this. Then Friday I was done!

Day 1 no THC: Friday. Well, I didn’t usually smoke until the evening so no problem.

Day 2-5: Saturday-Tuesday: My appetite was still pretty bad and I begin feeling the head fog. It was hard to concentrate.

Day 6: Wednesday: All hell broke loose. I was in pain. Sweating then freezing then sweating again. Unable to concentrate or eat. My bp was up and my head was hurting. By the end of the day, I was overly emotional, and thoughts of other things running through my head like cancer were running wild. I broke down and told my wife what was happening. Luckily she was understanding.

Day 7-8: Thurs-Fri: Was downhill from Wednesday. Anxiety and bp were top of my thoughts. I ended up going to the Doctor on Friday in fear of a heart attack or stroke. Luckily they did all the tests and told me everything was good. Blood work came back good too. She prescribed a minimal dose of Propranolol to help with the bp and anxiety. This seemed to help. By now my emotions were up and down.

Day 9: Saturday: I thought this was a fairly good day. I laid in bed all day. I ate. By evening I felt like me again.

Day 10: Sunday: I woke a little worse than I had woken on Saturday, it was not such a good day. I tried to get a few things done, I mowed the lawn and did a few other tasks, that was probably a mistake as after it got much worse, not as bad as 6-8 but close.

Day 11: Today: My head is a little numb again, it was a hard morning but not as bad as Sunday. I’m having moments of normalcy here and there but still struggling.

The thoughts that keep going through my head are will this ever end, what if I’m like this forever? All throughout I’ve been trying to eat fairly healthy and drinking tons of water. I hope I’m on the getting better trend but it’s so up and down.

I’d love to hear if this is normal or not - please don’t tell me if not, I might freak out :wink: Up till now, I’ve had just about every symptom except anger and cravings, I don’t think I’ve had depression either but I’m not sure exactly what depression is besides feeling sad, sure I’ve felt sad but not debilitating sad, more sad that I’m going through this and when will it be over. I guess that’s a good thing. I just hope this anxiety goes away and the body aches/fatigue or shakiness/lightheadedness. I hope I’m getting closer.


Hi Noname!! And welcome!

It sounds like you’ve been through quite a challenging experience during this period of abstaining from weed. It’s important to remember that everyone’s body and mind react differently when they go through such changes, and what you’re experiencing could be a combination of withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, and perhaps some adjustment to your body’s usual state.

The symptoms you’ve described, such as changes in appetite, brain fog, concentration difficulties, mood swings, and physical discomfort, are not uncommon when individuals stop using weed. Your body and brain are likely recalibrating themselves as they adapt to functioning without THC. The emotional ups and downs, including worry about the future and the duration of your symptoms, are also common during this process. It’s natural to wonder if you’ll ever feel “normal” again.

Remember that recovery is not always linear; you might experience good days followed by more challenging ones. It’s also worth noting that anxiety and physical discomfort can be interconnected – anxiety can manifest in physical symptoms like increased heart rate, sweating, and shaking.

It’s important to give your body time to readjust. Continue to take care of yourself by staying hydrated, eating well, and engaging in activities that bring you comfort and relaxation. And remember, you’re not alone – many individuals have gone through similar experiences when discontinuing THC - including many of those on this forum!

Stay patient, and hopefully, with time, you’ll notice a gradual improvement in your overall well-being. If you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed, consider seeking support from friends, family, or professionals who can provide guidance and reassurance along the way.

Please feel free to stop in as often as you’d like. You’re welcome anytime.


Day 11: for the most part was an improvement. The mornings are the worst.

Day 12: I think again a slight improvement. I seem to feel slightly better for more of the day each day now. I’m still so tired. I have no problem falling asleep, I just wake up every 2 hours or so. Really strange dreams too, not nightmares or anything, just weird. Last night I only remember waking up twice so that’s an improvement. BP was lower this morning too and I got into the day quicker.

Been staying hydrated with tons of water, taking my multivitamin and vitamin c, eating lots of fruits, and less fats. I think yesterday was the first day I ate, in quantity, just about what I typically eat. Taking little power naps from time to time throughout the day too, seems to help.

I also still took the blood pressure pill this morning although the bp was down. I’m not sure if it’s the pill getting me into the day quicker or just recovery. I suspect it’s a mix. Maybe Saturday when I don’t need to work, I won’t take one. The BP pills are the lowest dosage and prescribed for twice a day (or as needed), I’ve only taken them once a day so far.

Here’s to hoping I’m out of the woods and running towards the wide-open field of feeling wonderful again. Oh heh, no mood swings yet today.


Day 12: the evening was fairly decent. I didn’t feel anxiety but my heart rate was up (not terrible but still high) which I find if I take a bp pill it relaxes me a little and helps with the headache and muscle tightness.

Day 13: Last night I was up every few hours again. The dreams are not bad, or I cant say there any more vivid than normal either, but there are so many. I fell asleep for 15 minutes and had a full dream. I think the exhaustion is making my mornings so difficult. I can’t wait until I sleep through the night, just once. I’m napping 30 minutes here and there throughout the day and by evenings I’m feeling a lot better.

I hope I’m getting close to a breakthrough. Not sure how much longer I can take this. It will get better right?

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Day 14 for me. 1 trip to the walk in clinic and two trips to the emergency room. Anxiety and high blood pressure. 192/116. ER gave me alprosalam, it worked to get the BP down some. All tests came out good . EKG fine. Chest r rays fine. Blood work fine. My doctor prescribed a low dose of Blood Pressure medication. And an anxiety medication that’s non addictive. Hope it works. This all scared the crap out of me. I’ll never use again

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Hi…my experience…I’ve noticed after three weeks that it was a little bit better than the first two…today is 34 days without weed and I my sleep is not that good as it should und will be…but I know why is it like that,because of smoking weed for a lot of years…be patient with yourself,let your body to heal itself…every day is a challenge,but it is going to be better…wish you all the best


WOW JDL, I’m right there with you bro. Stay with it, keep that heart rate in check. I hope it settles for you soon. When this is over, I think I’ll be disgusted just at the thought of using again.

Thanks Kiki. Just talking and reading and having all your support has been helpful.

Day 13: After my lunch time nap I felt a lot better, similar to other days where the evenings are easier than the mornings. Eating has been improving over the past week and last night I fully ate my usually meal amount.

Day 14: Still find it easy to fall asleep, trouble is staying asleep. Every 2 hours I’m up. I actually enjoy the dreams even though most people would probably find them disturbing. ie. last night we got nuked and I was putting my preparation work into action, in the dream I was so chill just lying there like ok we’ll drive into the mountains and take some necessities. Never made it out of the house though, lol. Each time I woke up and fell back to sleep the dream picked up where it left off. I have to ask, if I’m going to have vivid dreams that continue after going back to sleep why can’t I have sexy dreams right? :slight_smile:

Well, this morning was the first morning I was able to make it through without needing to put my head down on my desk or lie down on the couch between calls for a few minutes here and there. I am able to focus a lot more, I’d say 90%. Still tired but a more normal sort of tired feeling.

The odd thing is, when I was showing this morning, my pits smelled like flower to me. I don’t know if I’m excreting it though my pours or if it’s all in my mind.

Today is good progress, fingers crossed it continues without a step back first.


This is the worst! Ever. I’m never going back. Never thought 28 years ago it would be like this. Each day gets a little better. And reading on this group I know there is light . Dreams I have are crazy. I drove a dump truck last night down a huge hill . No brakes. I made it . BP still feels weird. To scared to take the anxiety meds. Don’t want to disturb the heart at all. One thing I did do last week was I bought a meditation program called “ The Blood Pressure Program by Christian Goodman” . I don’t promote anything ever, but this does calm me down. So instead of buying the $50 bag of flower I bought the program. A lot healthier for me. I do recommend. Stay strong my friends. And Thanks


Hi JDL -

I’m truly sorry to hear about the challenges you’ve been facing on your journey. It sounds like these past 14 days have been a rollercoaster for you. Dealing with (very) high blood pressure can indeed be frightening.

For those not in the know, blood pressure levels of 192/116 are considered extremely high and can have serious, potentially life-threatening consequences if not addressed promptly. If anyone else is reading this, do like JDL did and seek immediate medical attention!

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Day 14: was pretty good until dinner time. Went a little downhill for a few hours. Not sure why. The whole day I was able to focus I wasn’t overly tired, maybe I did too much.

Day 15: had a hard night, woke up so many times. I think that’s playing into how I feel today, not as good as day 14. Maybe equal to 13. Took a quick lunch time nap, feeling a little better.

Looking forward to resting this weekend…

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Day 17 . BLood Pressure coming down into 140s and mid 80s . I finally had to give in and take some anxiety meds. Small dose . They temporarily work. Cravings not at all. Scared the be Jesus out of me . Keeping busy cleaning and organizing. Something I rarely did using. I feel better about myself living a healthy life. Eating better and Exercising. Hope all going through this keep on Keepin on. One big step I did on day 15 was I threw out all my paraphernalia. Felt really good about it.

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Your are doing very hard and work for yourself! Keep journaling and patting yourself on your back, for each new hurdle you jump over!!!

Thanks for being so detailed, open and honest and for your willingness to share!

You inspire us all​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs:


Great job JDL! I hope things continue to improve. Huge step throwing everything away. Thats on my list of to-do’s.

Day 16: Was feeling almost good. Was busy most of the day and active.

Day 17: Today was not good. At first, I thought it was because I did too much. Then I started wondering about this bp medication, Propranolol. I realized I didn’t take it yesterday and I felt good. I saw the side effects and my sleep problems may be all because of this and not the withdrawal. Waking up every few hours is one of the side effects and from what I can remember this only started when I started taking the medication. Also having a few other side effects. And began to realize all this time I had been feeling better in the afternoons, I took the medicine in the mornings and by afternoon it had worn off. So, I didn’t take the afternoon dose. Keeping a close eye on bp and asked the Dr. for a different prescription.

Day 18: Last night was the hardest sleep yet. Probably because I stopped the medicine, which it says this will happen. Luckily, I hadn’t taken it for long or that much so I’m hopeful it won’t last. It was one of those nights where you feel like you’re just staring at the clock for 8 hours, but you know you had to have fallen asleep a little because you had dreams. Still have not taken the medicine nor have I heard back from the Dr on a new prescription yet. Today, although super tired and a mild headache between the eyes, I was able to concentrate and felt a lot better. I’m hoping the last step is to get the bp down now and this will all be over.


Noname you got this. I sparingly take the anxiety meds prescribed. I usually have to take 1 at 3am when I start to stress from dreams. I did say dreams . Not much sleep but I haven’t dreamed in years. I am getting the BP down. I am now 138 / 84. Which is a whole lot better than when I first started my new me. I have been watching very closely my salt intake. Salt is in everything! It’s even in Italian Ice. I never payed attention because I was stoned. Things seem to be getting clearer. I get these small type headaches, but there really not headaches. It’s as if can feel my receptors healing. I have been thinking positive thoughts and it’s working. My garage is clean and organized now. Working on cleaning the shed. And the basement. One approach I am using is it all can’t be fine overnight, just like my sobriety. So I take small steps and place small goals on what I’m doing and I like it.No pressure. Thanks Noname and all who reply. Having this support gives me a feeling of friends. It’s important to me. And I really appreciate the sincerity. It’s a healing thing. :mending_heart:


Day 19 - 22: Been doing pretty well. Back in the office. haven’t taken any meds for 5 days. BP is a little better. Had a checkup today and new blood drawn. I’d say right now, here’s where I’m at:

  • Sleeping is ok, I do wake up every few hours, but I fall back asleep. Dreams aren’t anything abnormal.

  • Blood Pressure is still a little high (for me). I got a diuretic bp prescription, which has much less side effects. Haven’t used it yet. Plan is to use it only if needed and try to get it down with better eating and exercise. Which before I quit, I did 3-4 times a week, so getting back to that now that I’m back in the office shouldn’t be a problem.

  • I am having some soreness in my abdomen, could be digestion. It’s not terrible and appetite is normal.

  • I’ve lost about 10 lbs in 3 weeks. I’m hoping that’s due to not pigging out every night anymore and eating better, more fruits, less salts, less carbs.

  • I’m not 100% but it’s getting pretty close.

No Longer having:

  • Shakes
  • Sweets
  • Anxiety
  • Racing heart and higher bp
  • Fatigue / Tired
  • Chest tightness
  • Numbness headache between the eyes
  • Loss of appetite
  • Inability to focus
    and anything else I mentioned.

You are doing very difficult work for yourself!

Just keep your eye on the prize of sobriety and keep going!

May 2, 2022 is when my present journey began and I have been clean and sober ever since.

I know what you are going through and I promise that if you can remain vigilant (no matter what) a life without Weed, can and will be so much better!

Sending you :hugs::pray::hugs::pray:


What is the pills you are taking


Hey Tracy - just wanted to give you a warm welcome and thanks for posting!


Almost day 27. BP steadily going down. Starting to feel semi-normal. My wife says I was never normal from birth. Ha. I haven’t taken the anxiety meds in a while. I substitute with deep breathing instead. Eating very healthy and exercising. I am still organizing everything. What neglect I did in that area of my life. I went to a fair this weekend and was around a lot of weed smokers. I had no urge at all to use. It was not difficult. I was prepared to walk away if I needed to. There was no need. This is the farthest in 28 years I have been . No need to turn back. My life is looking forward to a healthy future. I discussed my sobriety with my weed friends but did not preach. I tried to explain some of the affects and was met with resistance. I knew my limit of speech and changed the subject. It doesn’t make my weed friends bad people. Just might not be hanging with them as much. That’s the choices I have made. Good decisions only. Hope everyone here trying to keep weedless keeps strong. I’m trying my best. That’s all I can do, my best


Saturday morning is 31 days. Had a doctor checkup that went well this week. Blood pressure is down to average now of 135 over 80. Lost 9 pounds. No more dark phlegm.No urges. By not smoking I have not smoked 215 bowls. And saved 417 dollars.Keeping the mind busy. Keeping calm. Brain fog every so often . I feel that my dopamine levels are coming and going. Moods of happiness are showing up more and more. Which keep’s the anxiety at bay. Keeping busy organizing still. Throwing out all things that cause clutter. Sleep is getting better also. Dreams aren’t so vividly disturbing. Knowing that I’m healing is comforting. Hope all going through weedless are doing well. I like having this clear mind.