My Timeline of Events: A Journey To Sobriety

I figured I might as well make a timeline since I’m still early enough into the process to remember each day (currently on Day 8.) Timelines have actually helped me out numerous times thus far and also with quitting nicotine earlier this year, just being able to compare my path with another person’s has helped me to not go crazy.
If you’re like me, here ya go. I’ll continue to update this every so often (weekly, or when I reach a milestone) through my recovery!

Here is a link to Week 2.

[The Night Before Quitting] Had trouble going to sleep. Had a Delta 8 Cart and got high enough to fall asleep. (By now I’ve had multiple uses for it) My sleep tracker says I slept for 5 hours and 5 minutes, well below my average of 8ish hours.

[Day One] Woke up before work, had trouble breathing, which sent me into a panic attack, later subsided a while after. Made the decision to quit. Gathered all my weed related items and tossed them in a random trash bin at the gas station so I wouldn’t get the urge to go digging them back out.
No real syptoms the first day but had difficulty falling asleep. My tracker says 4 hours, 46 minutes total sleep with Deep and REM sleep normal.

[Day Two] Woke up, lungs and throat still in recovery mode, so coughing up phlegm every so often. Definitely more anxious and restless till about 10AM (I wake up at 6.) Was fine until about 2PM in which I started experiencing hot flashes, heavy sweating, a mild migraine, and confusion. Not sure if it was all wihtdrawal symptoms or this heat wave or a combination of the two.

Had extreme difficutly falling asleep. Night sweats, racing thoughts, and restlessness. My sleep tracker said I slept for 4 hours and 8 minutes with normal REM level, but terrible deep sleep (on 34 minutes.) The sleep quality was so bad, it felt like I was awake the entire time. I woke up on 5 seperate instances and only achieved 34 total minutes of deep sleep.

[Day Three] A lot of the same symptoms as day two but the intensity was a lot worse, especially anxiety. The lack of sleep has really worsened the symptoms. Rather than crave weed again, I began blaming it for what I was going through. Purchased PharmaGABA to help with anxiety and that surprisingly calmed me down and I was fine after about 4PM.

Had difficulty falling asleep, same symptoms, but not as bad as day two. However, my sleep quality was almost nonexistent. My sleep tracker says I slept for 5 hours and 19 minutes, with normal REM cycle, and only 29 minutes of deep sleep. If I could just get a good night’s rest, I think the symptoms would be much more bearable.

[Day Four] Felt very weak upon waking. No real anxiety until I left the house, but that went away within a couple of hours. Felt restless at times, throughout the morning, but nothing too crazy.

Defintely felt like I had trouble controlling my body heat, I felt either really hot or really cold (but never had any fever or low body temperature.) The high heat didn’t help either and by the end of the day I was both mentally and physically exhausted.

Left work early. Was able to cool off and actually nap some. Woke up anxious and discovered this website and forum. Found that reading about and expressing my own thought have really helped ease my mind. So much so, that I missed the mark in getting to bed on time. Only 4 hours and 16 minutes of total sleep, but with high percentage of that being from deep sleep.

[Day Five] My biggest issue is still sleep, and I feel that it compounds my symptoms. Felt a little groggy waking up but got going fairly easily. Definitely felt more restless in the morning. Had the same with body heat issues, but much smaller ones (maybe for a total of 20ish total minutes compared to what felt like the entire day yesterday.)

Felt anxious from 8 to about 10AM, like I had a lump in my throat. Humming a song actually helped make that feeling dissipate. After about 3PM had a little bit of irritablitly for the first time (that I’ve at least noticed) Was anxious about getting to sleep on time, and purchased a sleep aid to help, which actually alleviated that anxiety, I just hope it works, I could kill for eight hours.

Rewarded myself for making it through my first work week by picking up nice meal for my lunch break. Surprisingly my appetite has increased. Which I should note, I’ve lost over 40 pounds during the three years I was a daily user, so maybe not too surprising.

Also, today was the first time since quitting that a major positive thing happened to me. I acutally felt motivated to play and make some music and I spent a good two hours enjoying that.

On top of all of that! I actually got a regular night’s sleep! 7 hours, 52 minutes, with 1 Hour 36 minutes of Deep Sleep and 2 Hours 8 minutes of REM sleep.

[Day Six] OK, so I got my first good night’s sleep in a week, but I feel groggy. I’m not sure if it’s the sleep aid I took (which contained Melatonin, L-Theanine, & Ashwaganda) or that my body is craving sleep since it’s been so deprived of it.

Had some anxiety this morning before breakfast. Felt like I had a lump in my throat, but also kind of feels like bloating near my upper stomach? Nauseated? Went away shortly after breakfast, but still kind of lingers and comes and goes from time to time. I have a job later today which is outside in the heat, and I’ve already had two heat issues earlier this week, so may be anxious over that. I have no idea why I decided to start quitting during the summer but can’t turn back now!

For the first time that I’ve noticed, had a little bit of brain fog. Just kind of stared at the floor for what seemed like five minutes. Probably had that before, just didn’t know what it was.

Just got back from my job that was entirely outside in the heat. And… I smashed it! Quitting and heat have been an awful combo thus far, but not today! Felt like I managed the heat perfectly fine, and had extra energy to even go above and beyond today! I still feel like I can run through a brick wall!
Felt slightly nauseated when I got back home but was fine after I took a shower.

I feel like my appetite has skyrocketed, which is good, cause to be honest, I’ve been a little malnourished, and when I really think about it, probably had an eating disorder when I was getting high all the time.

I got to sleep a little bit later, but I was trying to finish something and felt very sleepy, which is a good thing. Fell right asleep for 6 hours 46 minutes with very regular Deep and REM.

[Day Seven] OK, so last day of Hell Week. Woke up mild headache and a little bit of anxiety. Felt a little groggy too, but plan on going to bed a much earlier hour tonight.

Stomach felt nauseated before breakfast. Also, a little beat, but nothing overwhelming.
The last couple of days my symptoms have been a lot less mild, but I’m also starting to experience a little craving now, nothing overwhelming. It disgusts me that those thought crept into my thoughts though. My days returning are way past gone, but 'm glad I threw everything out, just in case. Have to remind myself that my addiction is the reason that I’m here.

Never mind, Day 7 is worse than Day 6, but better than first five. Felt pretty nauseated all day. Taking some ginger, hope it helps.

Got another wonderful 7 hours worth of sleep! Ready for the work week!

I can’t believe it’s been a week. Even though it’s only been a weekl I feel a lot more alert and connected to reality. More motivated to do things. I’m not coughing up phlegm, I don’t feel out of breath. One thing I forgot to mention is I was grinding my teeth really bad the first six days, but that’s essentially gone now. It’s only been a week. I’ve paid my dues to be feeling this way and I’m already experiencing in bits and pieces of what my future is like.

More motived than ever, ready for week 2!


NIcely done B!! You are doing all the right things. Look forward to following your progress going into your second week of sobriety!!

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I’m on day 11. Today was the first day I woke up and didn’t feel a sense of despair upon waking. I’ve had depression since quitting which is a mix of feeling “off”, feeling anxiety, and not having the little kick to start my day and throughout my day that got me interested in getting going and getting into things. After day 5 or 7ish, I had more moments where I kind of lifted out of the depression for a bit and felt more normal, but it would wave in and out with chunks of time. Today, I was happy for the first part of the day. I felt more up for getting up and felt excited about feeling better until I had to deal with work stress and felt really anxious and kind of kept thinking “I can’t do this” “I might cave”. My family was leaving the house and I thought “Oh my gosh, I can cave and get rid of this anxiety”. The last few days though of feeling intense anxiety and then having it wave in and out throughout the day helped me rationalize not caving, but the biggest thing that helped is that I’ve gone through so much to get to day 11 that I didn’t want to start over. I really believe the brain has to readjust to be able to do what it does naturally before we hijacked the natural system with unnatural excess of feel good THC. It’s been hard dealing with not using, but I’m seeing pluses. When the depression/anxiety goes away I feel good and that is so encouraging. I feel more present. My brain/memory seems to be working a bit better already. (Even though I know brain fog can be a symptom of withdrawal, which I’ve felt in the past, so I’m telling myself to not get discouraged if I feel that too later.) I feel more calm in general when the depression/anxiety goes away as opposed to when weed wears off or when I’m high and I’m either amped or maybe ancy. Little things don’t seem like as much as a “pain in the ass” as they normally do. I’m more even or balanced. I like it. Well that’s my day 11 update. I think it’s great that you’re sharing your time line. I think it really helps members of the forum and of course it’s helping you so that’s awesome! I’m proud of us all on this striving to free from this addiction. Let’s keep keeping on!


Thanks! That is so awesome to hear about you! There are so many parallels and similarities with what you shared too. Especially the not wanting to start over! Last week was so rough and there’s no way I want to go through that again.

Reading through your response, I think that’s it’s as important that we also take note of the positives our body is going through as much as all the of the negatives. It’s so easy to concentrate on what sucks about this, so much so that it can be blinding to our progress. It took me till day 5 before I felt that first bit of positivity. And even though it came in a wave and left within an hour, it was so encouraging, but also a huge relief when it happened.

I’m on day 10, and I don’t know if it’s me being disgustingly optimistic, or just the way that my body works (very active, low body fat, and always have been a fast healer.) I’ve actually felt pretty normal the past three days, well I was feeling it yesterday before noon, but other than that back to my old (or new) self. I’ve only really had some of the more minor symptoms and none of the major ones the past three days too.

I believe I’m now at a place where I can firmly say that I’m not longer constantly feeling the major symptoms and having waves of a normalcy and relief. But am now constantly feeling normal and only having infrequent waves of minor symptoms. It’s so weird to be this aware and alert, but I love it! I’ve been a much better version of myself lately, things don’t seem so overwhelming, and I’m beginning to rediscover things that I used to love that were sadly shelved when I was constantly high. I guess it only get better from here!

Thanks so much for sharing! Be sure to treat any positive changes with over-the-top celebrations!
I’m kidding but make them a big enough deal to where your brain takes notice, it helps the rewiring process.

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This is so great to read. It’s been encouraging to me to read what you’ve written. I’m wrestling with being bored this weekend but I know I’m still adjusting, and bored feels better than all out of sorts with anxiety. I am not having cravings though, I feel so good for having gotten through the rougher parts. I read how complacency can creep in and people use again and I want to make sure I don’t go back for that reason. So I’ll deal with feeling bored. I didn’t work out yesterday or today so I know that I need that. But again, so glad to see you feeling good!


I think the best part of you documenting all this is that one day you will look back and realize just how far you’ve come!! Not only physically but mentally as well. Weed has ruined my memory for a lot of things so I wish I had done something like this to look back at where I started. I’m at 10 weeks rn. Last year I got to 5 months but then had a 5 month relapse.


Congrats on 10 weeks. Keep your focus on the positive steps you’re taking and the improvements you’re making, both mentally and physically. Every day is a new opportunity to continue moving forward.

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So, I haven’t re-read my post, but I definitely plan to at the end of four weeks. I’m towards the end of week three (day 20 currently,) and all my symptoms have essentially become nonexistent. I definitely feel like much sharper, happier, and content version of myself, so I think it’s gonna hit me like a ton of bricks when I start reading through my timeline.

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Kudos to you and thank you for journaling for all is us, your first week.

Hoping week two continues to show improvement and progress🙏

We will continue to wish you well with your journey​:hugs::pray::hugs::pray: