My Timeline of Events: A Journey To Sobriety: Week 2

I was originally going to amend my original post, but couldn’t figure out how to… Anyways here’s weekl 2

Here is a link to Week One.

[Day Eight] By far the easiest day. No real physical symptoms, I felt very normal, but more alert. Cravings did creep in though and I was a little irritable, but asdide from that, a very normal day.
Got plenty of sleep too!

[Day Nine] Again, woke up with no real physical symptoms.
Nausea came back around lunch, almost feel sick to my stomach. Have a little bit of heat issues too. Been grinding my teeth a little more today and been a little more restless, but not like last week. I think it could be attributed to a canker sore? Coughing up phlegm has returned as well. Also, craving a little bit too. I’d say the symptoms are only about half bad at most. Still way better than this time last week.

Perfectly fine after 4PM!

Got plenty of sleep tonight. No trouble falling asleep.

[Day Ten] Okay, I think I may be over this! I had zero symptoms, very positive mood all day, good energy! Nothing really more to write about other than to celebrate your victories!

I can’t believe I made it to double digits! Last week was such hell, that this entire week has felt like one giant relief. This is way harder than quitting nicotine, but then again, I was completely high when I did that.

I definitely feel sharp and alert.

Sleep has been normal, will update you if that changes in the future.

[Day Eleven] I’m not sure if it’s just the weather, or maybe I didn’t get enough sleep. Rainy all day, overcast, and I never really felt that I woke up completely. Just checked sleep monitor, guess I had a rough night’s sleep, even though I got a normal amount of it.

Big trouble with energy. I felt completely drained at around 2PM. Had bouts of nausea, stomach issues, and been pretty irritable. Almost feel sick. I have a late work night, so I’ll likely pass out when I get home.

I’ve noticed a pattern and it’s been one really good day, and then one that’s not terrible, but definitely feels like a setback.

I got home around 9PM and crashed.

[Day Twelve] Final day of the work week! OK, maybe it was just the weather. I felt much better today. Felt pretty much normal again with the exception of some cravings after work.

I think I’ve been experiencing cravings more when I’m bored with nothing to do. My Friday night was pretty uneventful, so I guess I should expect some cravings. I’m really glad I threw my stuff out, it makes it a lot easier to just find something to do.

Really, I think a lot of the cravings are just my body trying to break the habit. In my mind, that ship sailed out a long time ago, but my body expects different and falls back into what it knows. Kind of annoying, but understandable.

Friday was a lot better than Thursday.

[Day Thirteen] OK, so I kind of expected this day to be rougher than yesterday. But, it really wasn’t. I’d say the day was pretty normal, I got a lot done around the house in the morning which was really nice.

My energy levels were normal, but once I got done with everything, had a massive energy drop around 2PM. Took a nap, woke up feeling groggy and paralyzed to get up. Felt a little anxious to get up for who knows what reason… But eventually forced myself to get up, had a cup of coffee and was fine after that.

My main issues this week have been nausea, anxiety, cravings, and energy levels with energy being the biggest. I’ve been enjoying life too much, being my new self, that I haven’t really gotten to bed at consistent or early enough time. I naturally wake up around 6-6:30, so it’s important to me that I get to bed around 9PM. I think my symptoms (with the exception of cravings) are directly related to the amount and quality of sleep that I get.

[Day Fourteen] Well, I didn’t get the sleep that I wanted. It was a Saturday night after all, and I felt like staying up. Can’t redo that, so I expect to crash again around 2.

Woke up feeling nauseous or sick. I’m not sure exactly how to describe the feeling, but I’ve felt it a few times throughout the last week. I do think I know what’s causing that. When I was on weed, I definitely had an eating disorder. Like, I never really felt hungry like most people do and would often skip meals and smoke when I was felt hungry. I guess THC blocked a lot of those signals to my brain and what I’m experiencing is my body trying to rewire itself. I think what I may be experiencing is simply hunger. I’ve noticed that anytime I’ve felt sick and nauseous it’s been because I’ve been hungry. I think the anxiety goes along with that too as my brain is not used to processing that signal and it doesn’t know what to do. Not, sure, just my theory on it. But I really hope it’s something as silly as that.

So, woke up, felt awful, had breakfast and felt fine.

Still, night and day to anything I experienced last week. Moreso just discomfort which can be really annoying.

Had cravings, but I’ve noticed something. The only time I get cravings is if something triggers it. For instance, if I’m doing an activity that used to involve smoking weed, than it’ll hit me. As well as over the course of the next couple time’s of doing said activity. One example would be when watching TV, taking a hit during a commercial break. I don’t watch TV too often, actually first time in 2 weeks. One I faced early on would be taking a hit before bed, or after work. Thank God those have long since subsided. The pain I went through to get here still heavily outweighs my cravings.

Kept myself busy and felt great the rest of the day!

Well, it’s bed time. Can’t believe I’m at the end of week 2! For the most part, I feel back to normal, but I’m ready to make that more a permanent thing! I feel good about my chances for that being in week 3. Wish me luck!


Heya BeeFree!!

Congratulations on reaching the end of week 2 on your journey to make positive changes in your life! It’s inspiring to hear about your progress and the strategies you’ve been using to manage cravings and discomfort. Your posts will be invaluable to others on this forum contemplating or already on their weedless journey.

As you head into week 3, it’s clear that you’re ready to embrace a more permanent shift toward feeling back to normal and making positive choices. Your optimism and confidence in your chances for success are truly inspiring. Just keep focusing on your goals, staying mindful of triggers, and leaning on the strategies that have been working for you.

Wishing you all the luck and strength you need as you continue on this journey. Your resilience and determination are truly admirable, and I have no doubt that you’ll make great strides toward the positive changes you’re aiming for. Keep believing in yourself and your ability to overcome challenges. You’ve got this!

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Thank you for being so open and honest and for sharing your journey so far, in a very detailed manner!

I can relate to all that you are dealing with and know that none of it is permanent! As long as you don’t give in and reach for that hit, it will continue to get better and better. It may be hard to internalize this now, but the longer you stick with it, the better you will be equipped to resist and persevere!

Sending you :pray::hugs::pray::hugs:

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