Day 9 this is hard! Anxiety is insane

This is crazy, never experienced anything like it. 53 yrs old, last 2 years started using edibles to sleep. Took 40-60mg a night this last year or so. Today is day 9. Never ever had an issue with anxiety/panic attacks. Had a major one and ended up in ER. So embarrassing. About a week prior I started having leg pain, weakness, sweating. Went to DR who did labs etc. everything normal. Decided better quit. Was supposed to have a stress test yesterday, rescheduled til Tuesday. Stress test being done because of family history. CT, xray, a lot of labs all normal. Sure doesn’t help anxiety! Dr thinks it’s just normal anxiety, I think it’s weed withdrawal. Anxiety is waking me at night. Hard to function. Any other edible quitters? I feel so stupid.

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I’m now on day 6 and the one constant I have battled thus far has been the Anxiety issues. Like, also I never really had any before that. I can attribute all my anxiety to weed, whether that be because I went overboard, was running out of supply, and every day since quitting. Although today, I feel like it’s let up some. I’ve been having extreme difficulty falling and staying asleep until last night when I started taking some melatonin. The fact that it was time released is key and I actually got 8 hours of sleep.

Also, don’t feel stupid or beat yourself up over it. We all make stupid mistakes. And we’re all gonna be better off for going through it. You’ve got this, we’ve got this, and the future is bright!


Today is a better day. Forcing myself to eat, even tho it’s just a bite of watermelon, grapes or nuts. Last night I choked down about 5 tiny bites of steak and baked potato. I think I do need something to help me sleep so I can function better. In the past melatonin was zero help for me. Yes! We can do this!


Hey, I’m happy that you’re doing better today! Really, we should proud of every day that make it!

I know the feeling of insomnia all too well. My first five days after quitting, I only got about four hours of sleep per night, but even that was very low quality sleep (I have a sleep tracker, almost no time spent in deep sleep, and like zero energy the next day with symptoms running at full speed.)

I would definitely research some things to help cope with your insomnia. I’ve had to change a couple habits, but also found a supplement that so far has worked wonders for me. Combined together, I’ve actually had a full night’s rest the past two days. Insomnia really seemed to compound a lot of my symptoms, and since I’ve got that under control, I’d say the difference has been night and day so far. Definitely not perfect yet, but a lot better than what I’ve been going through.

But, definitely do a little research. We’re all different, and we’re all gonna react differently to different methods or supplements. I know this is a forum to help us with addictions, so I kind of feel weird advocating for other supplements, but what’s helped me thus far could also help others too, so I don’t want to leave any of that out. That’s why I say do your own research, talk with a doctor, family, etc. What I choose to do may not be what you need to do!

I think its important to pinpoint exaclty what was keeping you up. If it’s something as simple as the TV being on, than shut it off. The main thing keeping me up the first five nights were mainly just my mind racing. Worried that I wasn’t going to get any sleep, and then having to face that reality as the morning approached. Time really is our worst enemy at times.

Here’s what I’ve changed:

  • No caffeine after lunch. Which is hard for me, I like my sodas!
  • Getting in bed by 9PM. Mainly just to relax. I take my sleep aid at this time, Sleep 3 by Nature’s Bounty (which contains L-Theanine, Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Valerian, and Melatonin) as well as Ashwaganda. Melatonin on it’s own does nothing for me as well, I’m actually surprised this has worked so far.
  • By 10PM I’m starting to feel groggy, and that’s when I shut off whatever I was up to. Especially the TV. I just try my best to relax, and I’ve been gone within five minutes the last two days.

I wish you the best! This is not an easy thing to do, but it’ll be so worth it in the end!

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Crashing today. I am so shaky and weak. I don’t know how I’m going to do this stress test tomorrow. I choked down a piece of toast with peanut butter, a couple grapes, tiny piece of watermelon. It goes right through me.

Stay strong, you’ve got this! It’s not easy, it’s a real test of mind over matter. We’re all rooting for you and wish you the best!

The more you put into your body the more your body stores in its cells.

Edibles stay in the body longer, taking a long time to fully digest and perhaps over the years you have a greater degree of residual in your digestive tract.

Of course there is no way of measuring it. I only used and abused with smokable flower, I once at too much of a Marijuana cookie and thought it was going to be the end of me.

The duration and intensity of withdrawal with in direct correlation to how long, how much, how often, if different strains were mixed, the potency of what was used…… Since you were exclusively using edibles perhaps you are in for a more significant withdrawal process.

Sorry to hear you are suffering so horribly. Maybe getting into a detox program might be advisable?

Sending hugs and prayers :hugs::pray::hugs::pray:

Try drinking Ensure which offers nutrition and may be easier to digest.

Try making a nutritious smoothie.

Perhaps avoiding soluble da for a bit will help and leave you less frustrated.

If nothing works consult with your physician!

Hey, was thinking about you today! Hope you’re doing well! I agree with Stu. Whenever my appetite is down or I’m sick, I 'm usually drinking a meal replacement shake or two to help. Wish you the best!

Today is the best day so far! I really appreciate everyone’s positive words :heartpulse: I haven’t gotten a call from Dr @ stress test so it must have been OK. I did pick up ensure, not a fan lol. Trying to graze on healthy stuff throughout day. I can do this, WE can do this!


YES YOU CAN​:muscle::muscle:

You just have to believe!!!

I somehow missed this and am 5 days late to the party, but this was great to hear! 5 days almost seems like an eternity during the “process” so hope your symptoms have subsided! Was never an edibles person, but it’s interesting to note the similarities and differences in both of our journeys.

I have a lot more energy and appetite. Not sleeping well. In the evenings my body aches, muscular. Maybe because I’m not “relaxed? LOL Not sure but sooooo much better!!! Thank you all for your support. If I can do it, anyone can!

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I know that I definitely used weed to help relax and sleep, and it may be something as simple as changing your routine. I’m sure that in time your body will adjust, but sometimes it may take something to kick start it. It seems we’ve all made it through the roughest parts, and just through the screen of my computer, you seem a lot more positive and hopeful, which is often time the best medicine we can get. It genuinely brings a smile to my face to see that!

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The increase in energy and appetite is a clear sign that your body is beginning to heal and adjust to the new path you’ve chosen. While the challenge of not sleeping well can be tough, it’s often a temporary hurdle as your body recalibrates. Thanks for checking in here and look forward to following your continued progress!!

Is there anything I can take naturally to sleep stop sick dreams n lift my depression thanks

Weed in whatever form can produce all kinds of negative feelings and symptoms. Edibles stay in your body s good deal longer.

Did you tell your doctor that you use regularly and have started to move away from a very bad habit? If you don’t tell the ER or your doctor, you are only fooling yourself.

If you stick with a commitment to live life without Weed, eventually all of the symptoms related to it, will eventually go away :pray::hugs::pray::hugs:

Don’t feel stupid; if you never went through this, you would never have gained the insight you have today, and getting over a hardship only makes you stronger. You will come out of this experience a better person than you ever would have if you never started. You can’t change the past, you can only control the present. It gets easier with each passing day, and I believe in you!


It’s been a while! Happy new year I hope everyone is doing well. I slipped twice since ending up in the ER in July. I had edibles twice, tried 5 and then 10mgs two different days, weeks apart. Not worth it anxiety for weeks after. Haven’t had anything since beginning of September. My anxiety is being a bitch. Today was a great relaxing day, reading a good book, made my favorite supper and while eating felt a panic attack coming on GRRRRRR! My Dr had me try counseling, first session they are like you don’t need it, I agreed as I know the panic attack was weed induced. Why is this still happening if I’m not using??? Have you seen those commercials for Hims/Hers? I ordered zoloft through them, it arrives tomorrow. I sure hope it helps. I hope everyone is doing well!