Day 17-18 takeaways

Day 17 in the books. Anxiety was a little better today. Seems to be the worst from 9am -11 am then gets better throughout the day. The lack of sleep and messed up dreams are keeping me up at night. I’ll wake up shaking from nightmares but I think stress adds a lot to it. I’ve noticed my runs/workouts getting worse because I used to get so high and zone out to the point where I can’t feel my legs and all of a sudden I’m done.

Feeling really bored. Also slowing down with drinking alcohol so I don’t spiral with another issue. Sitting down with nothing to do and not knowing how to enjoy it is hard. Have chores and shit I can do but getting high made that stuff easier. I liked to be functioning and productive when smoking and now I’m feeling the opposite. I’m waiting for my moment of motivation to kick in but it’s not there.

Feel like a loser…
Lack of sleep is getting to me hard… counteracting with extra coffee…
Food is tasting like shit/no appetite. Need to relearn to how to enjoy the little things like good food and good weather while sober. Feeling sorry for myself that I thought weed made nature prettier and food better.
Migraines seem to be going away though.
Just thoughts barfed into this random blog I found online

Grateful for this process as I watched “painkiller” on Netflix and learned what oxy withdrawal is like and sounds like I’m being a baby.

Overall a little more optimistic moving forward that maybe things are moving a long


Thank you for sharing and for being so honest, to this group you just dropped in on!

Did Weed and Alcohol really make anything better?

Withdrawal from one or both is nothing short of horrible.

It took a long time to get to where you are now and if your goal is to turn a new leaf, it is going to take a long time to reverse the use and abuse.

My experience was that Weed and Alcohol did not make anything more fun and interesting. It made my anxiety and depression worse. It made everything worse.

In fact, I was so numb all of the time, I no longer knew how to truly feel anything with unadulterated clarity.

If you will stick with it, you may surprise yourself about how life can feel, without mind altering substances?

Wishing you peace of mind body and soul​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs:

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Hello Max,

Congratulations on reaching day 17 of your journey! Your openness and honesty about your experiences surely resonate with many who are on similar paths.

Anxiety can be a tough companion, but the fact that it seems to improve as the day goes on could be a positive sign of your body’s adjustments. Remember too that sleep patterns often normalize over time as your body adjusts to the absence of weed.

Physical activities, like running and workouts, might feel different without the effects of weed. But I think you will grow to find new ways to enjoy exercise and movement. While it might take time for motivation to kick in, small steps can lead to a more fulfilling routine. Remember, it’s okay to have days when you feel less motivated – it’s part of the process.

You’re doing great!! Keep that optimism alive. As you put more time between you and your weed habit, you will see continued improvements in your health and well being.

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Any effort you put toward getting clean and sober is to be congratulated.

Trading one substance for another will keep you in the same place.

Imagine those people who go through life without numbing themselves and they still welcome the good and weather the perfect storms that they are faced with.

Beating yourself up, feeling like a loser accomplishes nothing positive. I just passed 500 days clean and sober and I am no magician, I had no magic bullet, just one day a time and a personal commitment to end the madness, no matter what!

None of it is easy but it can be done! Get yourself to some 12 step meetings in person or online with like minded people, perhaps that will help you to jump start your recovery​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs::pray:

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