24 days without weed and it's not getting easier

For what feels like the thousandth time, I am trying to quit. I flushed my stash away 24 days ago.

I’m in the UK - my source is online with postal delivery, and I am struggling every day not to reorder. One day at a time I am currently resisting that temptation, but this is not getting any easier.

I’ve been sleeping really poorly - lots of dreams, but I wake up every couple of hours and I am so tired. Right now I am exhausted, irritable, fed up and feeling pretty awful. I had terrible indigestion for a couple of weeks, headaches, aching limbs and joints.

I hope I start to feel better soon - about now is when I have relapsed in the past, but I really have had enough. I’m in therapy - whole load of childhood trauma - and that is helping me to keep strong.


Whatever you do, don’t smoke anymore Weed. If you don’t want to extend the duration and intensity, Weed is plainly a BIG NO NO!!!

You are experiencing Withdrawal and this is not an easy process, but nothing is permanent. How long, how much, the potency of what you used, were you mixing strains, edibles with bud, how often will have a direct impact on everything you are feeling and will continue to feel.

For some odd reason what we did to ourselves took a long time and reversing the damage done, takes a long time. Nothing is immediate and this process is not linear!

I am presently at 474 days clean and sober so I speak from personal experience.

Good luck to you Mate, cheers​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs:



I am not an expert by any means. First time trying and 17 days in. It totally sucks, but maybe it sucks less than how it would feel if you surrendered? You’ve put in so much work and time. You deserve what you want - to quit.

Standing with you in solidarity. You are not alone in this journey and know that you have friends standing beside you. Keep fighting. Keep pushing. Raise your head and stand tall with pride. You are DOING IT!

Something I’ve found helpful…I always enjoyed my “trips” to get my product in the past. It was a social outlet. I had to redirect that to something else that would make me happy, to rewire my brain…to boost those alpha waves. For me it is something like grabbing a too expensive drink at a coffee shop (still way cheaper than product).

Maybe mail order something for yourself to receive in the mail to redefine that experience. Epsom salt baths worked wonders for my nausea and aches. You can order Epsom salt on Amazon. I’d sit in the bathtub soaking in salt and rage, cry, laugh.

Keeping you in thoughts and prayers.

God bless.


Thanks for the replies guys!

Fortunately, I don’t have any weed, and getting some would involve a whole load of conscious actions and take several days. That makes my desire for instant gratification impossible to satisfy - if I lived somewhere where recreational pot smoking was legal and enabled, I would be lost. Having something else I can consciously do, like posting on here, certainly helps.

What I wasn’t expecting was prayers and god, but I’ll take that as you genuinely wanting to help, rather than anything else. I guess there are some cultural differences this side of the Atlantic!

It’s another day here, and it is one day at a time - today is day 25 for me. The sun is shining today, and I feel stronger than I did last night.

Take care one and all, and thanks for your support. Onwards and upwards!


Thank you so much for sharing your suggestion and personal experience. Using mail order to create a positive experience during a challenging time is a creative idea. And I really love your recommendation of Epsom salt baths – it sounds like a great way to find relief from nausea and aches. It’s wonderful to hear that the baths provided you with a space to express your emotions!


Congratulations on reaching day 25 of your journey! The fact that you’re mindful of the actions needed to acquire weed and are actively seeking healthier alternatives is a significant step in the right direction. It’s great to hear that engaging in activities (like posting here!) is helping you redirect your focus and energy. Cultural differences can certainly play a role in how we approach and perceive various methods of support. Regardless of the source, it’s wonderful that you’re open to different forms of assistance and finding what works best for you. You got this!!


Day 27 and it has taken until longer in the day before my mind turns to “I just fancy a smoke…”. I try to remain calm, and watch that thought float past me on the river of consciousness.

This is not easy, but neither is it impossible.

Strength to you all


Thank you for sharing and your sharing on redirecting your focus and substituting a means to replace the previous personal reward of purchasing Weed!

I hope that your 17 days in will lead to many more days, weeks and months of a life without Weed🙏

Wishing you peace of mind body and soul​:pray::hugs:


Good for you, some people never realize that if they can take a time out, that they have an excellent defense toward allowing the craving to pass and time to reflect on the personal consequences of acting on the same!

Wishing you many more days, weeks and months of more of the sam, less the Weed.

And peace of mind body and soul​:pray::hugs::pray:


Day 23 no weed. Feeling better. Old me starting to show up here and there. Old feelings about things float in and out of my mind from smelling or seeing certain things. Still feel the brain tingles from healing. Brain fog is a thing, but subsidies. I do have a question. Anyone spitting up brown crap from the depts of lungs like I am. And if so how long does it last? Keep strong friends.


Congratulations on reaching day 23 without weed! It’s great to hear that you’re starting to experience the return of your “old self” and that you’re feeling better overall. The journey of healing is a process, and we’re glad to see you making progress.

Regarding the issue you mentioned about spitting up brown substance from your lungs, it’s important to note that I’m not a medical professional, but I can offer some general insights. The brown substance you’re experiencing might be related to the process of your lungs clearing out mucus and toxins that accumulated during your smoking days. This is a positive sign that your body is cleansing itself. However, if this persists or is accompanied by any concerning symptoms, it’s a good idea to reach out to a healthcare professional for a proper evaluation.

Keep up the strong work!!


Thanks for the insight. I will keep an eye on it. Good days coming ahead


31 days, and I am getting closer to sleeping through the night. The cravings are strong, and I’m not feeling straight yet. After 40 years of almost daily use, I guess that’s no surprise.

One day at a time!


35 days and counting.

I found out earlier this week that I have skin cancer - that gets removed next week. Cut off and thrown away. How I wish I could get my addiction chopped out and discarded…

Yesterday coming home from work it seemed like everyone I passed in the street was in a cloud of dope smoke - maybe that was my nose and my mind playing tricks on me, but this is so so hard. I’ve stayed strong so far, and have resisted temptation yet again today.

One day at a time. Keep strong!


So sorry to hear of your news
And well done for dealing with your feelings rather than smoking.
You’ll thank yourself in the long run
I too, smell weed all the time when I’m out, it’s difficult but we’ve got this!
My partner also smokes so smelling it daily is difficult
Today im 31 days weed free
Cravings still pretty strong , I feel I crave it more now than the first week.
Sleeping through the night though which is great, a real restful sleep rather than being knocked out by weed
Keep going x


Perhaps your Cancer diagnosis can be one HUGE reason to stop for good. Wishing you the very best and positive outcome🙏

Withdrawal is horrible, no two ways about it, but if you go the distance, your life can turn into something better!

One day at a time, sending :pray::hugs::pray::hugs:

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I would not wait, seek help from a doctor!

Perhaps a chest X-ray would be prudent?

Stay away from the Weed​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs:

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Steady on guys - I have skin cancer, caused by sun damage to my skin, not lung cancer caused by smoking weed!

I’m not about to start smoking again - or not if I can help it. And I have regular health checks, thanks to our wonderful NHS. But thanks for caring about me!

But I do wish I could just take a scalpel to my addict and never be troubled by that part of me again.

Day 36 successfully navigated, and this is beginning to get easier as all that THC clears out of my system. I’m now sleeping much better and either getting used to dreams or not having so many crazy ones! Maybe 3 or 4 more weeks and I might finally be clean.

One day at a time!

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One day at a time, easy does it, be kind to yourself

Day 39 and I am feeling stronger by the day.

My hand is stitched and bandaged with the cancerous growth removed. After the operation weed was trying to get me with its “I’ll make feel better” lie. It really is a cunning plant… I’m glad to say I was able to ignore it’s pleadings.

One day at a time!