Day 1 - Anxiety and Loneliness

Hi, Im 22 years old, smoking constantly for 4 years. I’ve tried to quit multiple times, I feel like this is the one. I think this addiction changed who I am, became my personality. In about 5 months I start my degree and I think this is the time to stop that illness. Most of my friends still smoke which will be a challenge but I believe I will overcome that. I feel like quitting alone is so frustrasting, it’s like I don’t know how to fill the gaps when I’m bored, but I’m sure I’ll find the solutions for me. I’d like some feedback, if somebody’s feeling like I do, searching for a meaning after such a period of addiction…

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Hope its going well. I quit a few weeks ago. I smoked weed almost twice as long as you have been alive!! Sun up to sun down.
Take my advice and don’t be like me all that time is a fog.

Ive quit a few times and before had bad withdrawl. The last year I started getting CHS and acute pancreatitis which was horrible but I still smoked. I really can messing up my emotions.

I know its that I started buying from a dispensary last year and the stuff is potent. It did take away the thrill of the chase when I used to buy it around town.

For me its wasn’t the withdrawal that was the hardest but like you said filling the gaps. Luckily I have a lot of interests and my friends rarely smoke which would be hard if they did. But even when Im busy I still feel like a gap isn’t being filled because I smoked a lot when I was busy though I didnt stay busy long after smoking weed I got lazy and weed took over.

I did break it off a year ago with one of my long time smoking “buddies”. It was more I realized how he let weed mess up his life, entire life for as long as I knew him. He has no interest in improving. Weed makes you complacent with becoming less.

In reality most smoking friends will disappear if you dont smoke because in truth many relationships it was only the drug use that probably connected you and was the glue in all interactions. That’s no way to live.

Good luck!!