Working to Phase Out Weed

Hi everyone,

I’m not exactly sure what to say, but I wanted to at least say Hello to everyone here. I was very happy to find a support community that exists outside of social media.

I’ve been smoking weed daily for around 20 years, and have wanted to quit for quite a while. For a long time it was hard to talk about this with anyone, because whenever I did I was often told “you can’t get addicted to weed.” So I thought there was something inherently wrong with me. Now I know that not only can one get addicted, but I am very much addicted to it.

Last year I managed to quit for 7 months after going off cold turkey. It was amazing. I felt great, and there were times when I never thought about weed. But, it crept back into my life as the winter months approached and the SAD set in. Since then, I’ve rebounded back to my usual usage 2-3 joints per day (more on weekends usually).

It’s now at a point where it interferes with everything in my life, and like someone else said in another post, I feel like I’m the passenger seat of my life. I think of it the moment I wake up and plan my day around my usage. A lot of things I put aside because I can’t do them when I’m high.

But as I approach mid life, I want to make space for other activities that I enjoy but don’t do because my weed habit interferes with my ability to do them. Cold turkey quitting was extremely hard for me to do, and I give so many high fives to everyone who has managed this way. So hard! In an attempt to maintain some sanity, I have a plan to cut down to nothing over the next month. I’m posting this information here to keep me accountable.

Looking forward to reading everyone’s experiences and and encouragements. Let’s get sober!


Glad you’re here . I also quit years ago for over a year . Quit cold turkey . However I found my way back to it . It’s been a part of my life since I was very young and I myself was one of those that believed it was not addictive and that I could just give it up at any point yet here I am decades later still smoking . My plan is to gradually go from 3-4 joints daily to quitting in the next few weeks . Good luck to you .

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I smoked an ounce a week for 5 years. I smoked daily before that but not as much. When l lost my child 5 years ago, just getting through was difficult. I think that weed was causing me anxiety and maybe even worse depression. So l have smoked nothing for 12 days. I just might be feeling better. Seven month and you went back to weed. Jesus that scares me. As l live in Michigan sad is a thing for me also. I am proud of you for trying again. I hope both of us can do it. Reading what others have to say has helped me. Hope it helps you too. The physical has not been as bad so far as the mental. It has been harder to stay asleep.

Thank you for sharing your story! Good luck to you too.

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Glad you are here!

I used and abused for 40 years. Like you I woke thinking about Weed and went to bed planning my using for the next day.

Before May 2, 2022 I could not put 2 days together and last Sunday I celebrated 489 days clean and sober.

The last time I quit, it lasted 10 years. This time around my using days are over forevermore, really.

Only you will know when you are truly sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I have no secret strategy, other than having made up my mind and no longer lying, conniving, hiding, convincing myself that my life with Weed was anything but one big fuckin mess.

I struggled with Anxiety, Depression and SAD for most of my adult life, Weed made all of it so much worse.

You can do, be anything you want, you just have to want it more than the Weed!

Sending you :hugs::pray::hugs::pray::frowning: