My journey with Mary Jane

First of all,big respect on all of you who made this tough und hard and challenging decision.there is not so many stoner who have a guts to do something like that and want to make a change.I’ve smoked weed for about 15 years,tried to stop two times,this is the third one…I have learned a lot of things about withdrawals when i stopped first two times.I’m 26 days sober,there is a lot of emotions right now that I didn’t have because of weed.I didn’t dreamed for a whole year(I smoked the last 12 months,before that I was sober for about nine months).it is very hard to deal with a life without weed,but I’m ready and the most important thing is to know that it is not going to be like that forever.we have to be patient with ourselves and let our body and mind to heal themselves.stay strong


Hi Kiki and welcome to our young and growing community - we are glad to have you!!

Quitting any habit comes with its fair share of hurdles, and I commend you for facing those withdrawal experiences head-on during your previous attempts.

It’s evident that you’ve gained valuable insights from those instances and are applying them to your current journey. Your dedication over the last 26 days is a testament to your resilience.

The fact that you’re experiencing dreams again is a positive sign of your body and mind’s healing process. It’s a reminder that our brains and bodies are remarkably adaptable and capable of restoring themselves when given the chance.

Stay strong, stay resilient, and continue to nurture the healing process! Look forward to following your progress!

Best wishes!!

Hi Kiki! Welcome to the forum! They say the third time’s the charm! Nobody was born being able to walk. It takes a lot of failed attempts before we can do so. Eventually we become so good at walking that we’re off and running. In short, sometimes, there are many steps that we must learn and situations for us to experience for our body to adapt before we can completely overcome.

The hardest part of my journey has just been the waiting part. The World we’re living in today almost expects instant gratification. So, it becomes like hell when we’re forced to weather the storm. But, in my opinion surviving and conquering all the pains of withdrawal makes the victory that much sweeter. Maybe this is just my way of tricking my brain that this is a competition (I’m stupid competitive) But having that challenge and beating it gives me the feeling that I tore down a mountain.

Also, you are 100% right that it takes guts to quit. Going against what your body has learned to rely on is an incredibly tall ask. Weed made me so unmotivated and comfortable, that I’m often surprised that I made the decision to quit. I’ve been wanting to quit for years but could never bring myself to it. There’s a ton of uncertainty when you give it up and three weeks in, I can tell you that I made the correct decision.

Anyways, I always love it when I see new people on the forum! It truly inspires me and makes me happy that other people around me are also making the decision to better their lives. Selfishly, I like to think that those who have contributed to this forum have and are playing a huge part in helping others quit as well. I feel very invested in the success of others on here, It’s a much more gratifying type of high than being, well umm “high.” Thank you so much for sharing your story!

Hi …Day 68 without weed…and five weeks without tobacco…my sleep still isn’t good…I’m waking up early in the morning,don’t know what do do with myself…have a lot of things that are coming out right now,when I’m sober…have to deal with them,don’t know how(stress with my family,I’m divorced and my daughter doesn’t living with me,just a couple of examples)…I’m working out,try to do it three times a week,have a new job(working in the psychiatric hospital as a nurse),2023 is a really hard year,have to admit it…reading your experience is helping me to deal with my situation…I just want to sleep and wake up and not being tired…this “journey “ is so challenging…I’ve asked myself today who am I going to be in this time next year…cheers everybody and thanks that I could share a couple of my thoughts from today…

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Kudos on hitting Day 68 sans weed and five weeks without tobacco – that’s like leveling up in real life! Yeah, the sleep struggles are real, but hey, waking up early just means more time to ponder life’s mysteries and continue to get your exercise in! As for who you’ll be in a year, who knows? Maybe a superhero with impeccable lung health? Keep the journey going, and remember, you’ve got a whole squad here to back you up. Best wishes @kiki!!