Loss of appetite & no sleep 7 days sober

Hi guys I’m new here.
I have been smoking daily since 2020 after my multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2018. I used to smoke in my teen years and also here and there with friends. I started using weed again for pain relief which helped immensely!I have bipolar 2 disorder, am medicated and weeed started to numb my brain which helped me cope, But it turned into an emotional crutch and a really bad habit! I’m 7 days sober and I am really struggling! Withdrawals have been tough… sweats, emotions are wild my mind does not shut up! my ms pain is horrendous. The thing I’m struggling the most with is 3 hours of sleep per night and I’m having to force myself to eat as I’m just not hungry and when I’m eating it’s not much which is completely new to me as I have always had a problem with food (binges and overeating) will these return? I’ve lost 15lbs in 7 days. Does anyone have any experiences they could share? It feels really lonely as not a lot of people know and so many people think withdrawing from weed is basically not real. I work full time which is hard enough with multiple sclerosis but these on top are killing me. I have no energy but the 2 things I need for energy I just can’t do. Thank you in advance.


Checkout weedless.org.

I am truly sorry to hear about all of your health challenges☹️

Detoxing from Weed is a rough ride. How long you used, how much, how often and the strength of that which you used, all have a direct impact on the length and intensity of this process.

Sleep is a big issue for everyone. There is little you can do, just have do the best that you can. Don’t lay in bed trying to fall asleep. Get out of bed, read books, watch movies, get involved with an online group of Marijuana Anonymous, online meetings are often, it is a great support community.

One day at a time, easy does it, be kind to yourself​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs:

Hey there @TJEM! First of all, major kudos to you for taking this brave step towards sobriety.

I totally get it, those withdrawals can be a rollercoaster ride. But guess what? You’re on day 7 already! That’s a week of proving to yourself that you’re stronger than any habit.

As for the sleep and appetite issues, they can be a bit of a nuisance, but think of it this way: you’re having a short-term tango with insomnia and a picky appetite, but it’s just a dance, not a permanent partner! Your appetite and sleep will likely bounce back soon.

And hey, you’re definitely not alone in this journey. There’s a whole community of people who understand what you’re going through and are here to support you. Keep up the fantastic work, and remember, brighter days are ahead!


It’s been five wks now and I’m still suffering with crazy dreams and no sleep and strolling with depression any ideas anyone

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