Well I screwed up

Nope I didn’t got back to using again but I did find out that I can’t tell time. I went and found an antibiotic bottle that I got the day I stopped the oils and discovered that I have have actually been weed free for 2 months 8 days not the one month 8 days I thought.

I don’t want to scare anyone who’s detoxing but the reason I bring this up is because if I’m still suffering from withdrawal as bad if not worse than when it first started. Which is starting to make me think there’s more going on with my health than just the withdrawal.

Like I said in previous posts I’ve got some health issues and am taking some drugs for them which is making me wonder if I shouldn’t be looking for a different or co cause for my symptoms rather than just saying well " it must be cannabis withdrawal" and letting it go.

So the question I have is, how do I get my Dr. to take my health issues seriously? Especially since when I told him I had stopped the cannabis he’d prescribed he jumped all over that as the cause of all my health problems rather than taking the time to look for another cause.

So is over two months to long to be withdrawing and still having all the same symptoms as day one or is it possible and once again the reason I ask is because I want to be sure before I see my Dr and yank his chain for no reason.

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Good Morning FOG,

Go and yank his chain! You have to advocate for yourself! I too am going for a visit to my NP, mostly for blood work, get those labs done, and ensure they are checking your liver enzymes, your B12, etc. We are older so also your kidney function needs to be looked at. It may well be a combination of continued withdrawal, as well as the other issues. Are you drinking lots of water, and I mean lots, that does help. How is your exercise, your nutrition, are you spending time outdoors, are you laughing, spending good time with friends and family? How is your sleep? Giving up an addiction can be ongoing for a few months. I have posted that I stopped night sweats only to start again. It is still worth it to be free. It seems that some doctors drank the kool aid and hopped on the cannabis train. Congratulations on being over 2 months weed free! You can and will get through this.


Thanks for the encouragement. I’n doing all of the above and asked about my kidney’s and liver last time I saw my Dr. He said they were fine in June and should be fine now

I’ve got Type 2 diabetes controlled with exercise and diet and drink a ton of water to keep hydrated so I doubt that’s an issue. But I’m beginning to see that this could be alot longer haul than I first thought.

So I’ll make an appointment and see if I can’t get some answers anyway.

But like I said thanks for the encouragement.


You might consider bringing a detailed journal of your symptoms, their duration, and any patterns you’ve noticed. This can help your doctor better understand your situation.

Additionally, you might want to seek a second opinion if you feel that your current doctor is not taking your concerns seriously or is too quick to attribute everything to weed withdrawal!!

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Thanks that’s a good idea about the symptoms but living in Canada means just seeing a Dr. is considered a victory so that pretty much precludes the “second opinion” option.

Here’s the latest numbers.

More than one in five Canadians — an estimated 6.5 million people — do not have a family physician or nurse practitioner they see regularly, according to a national survey released by OurCare.ca in April 2023


Half of Canadians do not have a doctor, or battle for appointments: survey - National | Globalnews.ca.

Anyway I’m starting to think it might have something to do with the med’s i’m on. But I’ve got a phone visit tomorrow so we’ll see what he says.

Run the other way from your Cannabis prescribing doctor, sounds like a horrible practitioner.

You should consult with a doctor who will take you seriously and explore if anything else of concern is going on!

Withdrawal can last for a long time and the symptoms which go with it can also last for quite sometime!

When I was under the so called care of the MD who prescribed my MM Card, he knew absolutely nothing about what he was prescribing, all he wanted was my $125 every three months, or he would not renew for another 90 days!


I would have found a new Dr years ago but since we’re suffering under a major Dr. shortage finding one taking new patients is an impossibility.

So I’m stuck with this guy and the best I can do is try and convince him to take my concerns more seriously. Because if I drop him I will not be able to find a new Dr. which will be considerably worse.

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