Restless Leg Syndrome, difficulty falling asleep

It has been just over a month, quit date was August 27 and I just had almost 4 hours in a row of sleep. My tendency thus far has been to have a nap after a few hours after I get up. Today was up at 3:30. This is huge progress, though I had thought that it would happen sooner, but nonetheless am grateful. I suspect that I had covid for the last couple of weeks so that did not help, but feel good now. Had a brisk walk for almost an hour yesterday so no doubt that helped with the sleep business. Also gave up my almost daily wine have just a week or so before giving up weed, neither of which will ever be part of my life again. The one problem with sleep that I am having is restless leg that seems to include my entire body. No matter how tired I am I have to wait for it to go away before I can actually fall asleep. Has anyone heard of this being an issue?


If I were you I would investigate further with my GP physician. Perhaps more of covering all of your bases. Not meant to alarm, but rather, safer than sorry🙏

I personally have not heard your present predicament being related to quitting weed and alcohol. Best case scenario being that some how your quest toward sobriety is the cause and this will be temporary🙏


Thank you for your response. Was thinking that very thing but for the fact that I despise going and for the most part refuse meds. Would like to get to the source. Do understand that it is neurological and hoping my brain repairs itself. But maybe I will email my NP. My husband and I were part of a study with me being the healthy control just in June and I had all the tests he did including an MRI of my brain with no abnormalities so hoping this was simply healing.

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Strange but I’ve got one eye that’ll twitch every now and then. I didn’t think much about it and thought that it might just be withdrawal but now I’m wondering since my blood sugars are out of whack that It might be related to something else going on in my body.

So I’m gonna see my doctor, when I can and see if I can’t get my blood work done just to be on the safe side. And like Stutaz said don’t be alarmed but be on the safe side because as we age we start to have all kinds of health issues that I honestly believe marijuana and it’s withdrawal have both masked the symptoms of.

Anyway hang in there and stay safe.:+1:

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Thank you for your reply. I get eye twitches when I am super stressed. I will check it out though but first I will try not taking all my herbal sleep aids just in case it’s them.

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Hey there @Barb!

Congratulations on hitting the one-month mark and reclaiming those precious hours of uninterrupted sleep! It might not have happened as quickly as you hoped, but progress is progress, and you should celebrate every ZZZ you catch!

Kudos on the brisk walks and waving goodbye to the daily wine and weed companions. You’re shaping up for a healthier and well-rested you!

As for the restless leg issue, it’s not uncommon, and you’re not alone. But hang in there, I’d guess it will get better with time as your body readjusts, but as @stutaz mentioned, you may want to consult a doctor if it persists.

Keep rocking your journey to better sleep and health! You’re doing awesome!


:pray::hugs::pray::hugs: Hoping the RLS is just a temporary issue in your personal journey. From the results you received from a thorough battery of diagnostics, it sounds like you are certainly moving in the right direction​:grinning:

I never heard off this but I’m struggling to sleep and still having sick dreams and feel depressed after 5 wks can’t wait to feel good and have energy

Consult with a physician!

Back from my transatlantic cruise and a couple of days in London. Was hard, but did not drink and of course had no weed. Still had quite annoying restless leg but not every single day. It is lessening and I have come to realize the cause. It is pain for,the most part so instead of running will swim. Also looked up post a cut withdrawal symptoms for alcohol. And even though I thought I had zero withdrawal this RLS happens 22% of the time. Lucky me. Have developed strategies and taking supplements now that I am back. Thank you for all the kind words from everyone.

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Welcome back from your cruise and London adventure! It’s fantastic that you managed to stay away from alcohol and weed.

It’s interesting that you looked up post-acute withdrawal symptoms for alcohol and found that RLS is quite common. Have you found any particular strategies or supplements that have been particularly helpful in managing it?

I take magnesium glycinate, and magnesium threonate as well as a sleep capsule that includes melatonin, valerian, passion flower, gaba and l- theonate. Finally, I drink a very soothing chamomile, honey , vanilla tea before bed. I rarely get restless leg anymore and if I do have learned somehow to stop it. Sleep is improving daily, up to 6 hours now. My dreams are still very vivid but I absolutely love that. Even had a dream within a dream! It has been 3 months alcohol and weed free and so much has improved as far as gastritis, ibs, depression, anxiety. I no longer require lexapro or stomach pills. Life on the weed and alcohol free side is very good, and a few months of difficulty is so well worth it. The other big thing is self esteem because if you can do this you can do anything.