A question about withdrawal

Hi folks,

I'm new here and like alot of others am having a bad time with my cannabis withdrawal symptoms. I was a daily oil (10/10) user to "help me sleep" but I began getting dizzy and feeling like crap so I cut out cannabis. Big mistake, I was back on it within a week. 

Anyway long story short I started feeling like crap again and thought at age 72 I’m not gonna spend my last days suffering from a drug that is no longer the innocuous weed from my youth but has become the equivalent to an opiod and not a good one.

So I quit cold turkey and by day 3 I was feeling all the anxiety, anger irrational thought, malaise and the other niceties that come from marijuana withdrawal. Well since I couldn’t sleep anyway I spent one night looking at alternatives to help. Of course I found the usual pain and psychological drugs which are a non starter but, I found that some people had been using CBD oil to help with their withdrawal symptoms. I also found some studies saying it helped. So I guess my question is, has anyone tried it and if so how did it work for you?

I’m a little reluctant to use it because that’s what got me started on the road to THC. I have ankylosing spondylitis and was using CBD oil to help with the pain but it didn’t work as advertised. So, like an idiot I listened to my medical marijuana company rep who told me that to get the “maximum” benefit of the CBD you had to have some THC to “activate” it and recommended the 10/10 blend.

Well I was on it for years and apparently if you use daily you’re a chronic user, something the Medical Marijuana company forgot to mention. So here I sit in week 4 of going through the agony of withdrawal caused by my own stupidity and that’s why I’m asking the question.



Withdrawal is not linear.

It is different for each person.

Intensity and duration is directly related to how much you used, how often and if you mixed strains.

Get as active as your spinal condition will allow! Guided exercising in a pool is an excellent option (local YMCA) plus it will get you out of your house and congregating with other people.

Consider joining an online support group NA, MA.

There are no shortcuts to avoid withdrawal, none that I am even aware of.

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Yeah, inhere ya. 42 here and on day 14 and im a miserable wreak of anxiety, depression, etc.

Unfortunately, all those " medical marijuana" dispensaries are BS. I don’t mean this as in cannabis doesn’t have its benefits but that is not the goal these days and it’s all corporate run and the budtensers have absolutely 0 medical training. I’m a physical therapist with a doctorate degree and new better and still thought nothing of it.

There job is to push as much as possible. The strength, both flower and concentrates today is exactly like you said . Equivalent to opioids today.

Brutal to drop once you get off.

The CBD probably isn’t gonna help much of you have severe anklyosying spondylitis but like the previous user said swimming would be great to not only burn off anxiety and irritability but to help with pain and motion in the spine .

Good luck. It’s a journey


Thanks for the response folks.

But to clarify a few things i’ll post again.

I’ve been living with AS in my back since the 90’s and haven’t let it slow me down. I served in the Navy till 02 and then I got out and worked as a contractor and security consultant. Up till June I golfed curled and exercised regularly but unfortunately the disease has migrated to my cervical area and I’m now experiencing numbness in my hands which is more than a little uncomfortable while withdrawing to say the least.

According to my doctors office, I’m going to have to wait 7 to 8 months for an MRI due to our collapsing health care system and was wondering if I’d be able to find some help sleeping from the CBD oils. Because like everything that happens with age, my disease is a progressive disease and as I age I’ve had more and more trouble sleeping which is what got me to the point I’m at now. And since I flat out refuse to go back to cannabis with THC I was hoping for a silver bullet no matter how small which would help in that quest.

And for the record I realize that withdrawal isn’t linear and each person is on their own journey but like I said I wondered if there was a better way to work through it than just suffering in silence or giving in and replacing one drug with another.

Oddly enough my question became more pertinent after I’d stumbled across a couple of articles that said they’d done some studies on the use of CBD to help keep cannabis users from relapsing which is why I wondered if anyone had tried it.

Sadly it’s alot like the old adage goes, fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me and since I’ve been burned by the pro marijuana crowds misleading claims before I didn’t want that to happen again with the CBD oil.

Anyway long story short. Thank you very much for the advice and personal experiences and I sincerely hope everyone comes out the other end unscathed, healthy and happy.


Thank for the concern. Unfortunately in Canada when you walk out the gate with your kitbag on your shoulder you’re on your own even if you’re medically pensioned.

Sadly our health care system is in complete disarray after decades of neglect by numerous governments but that’s a whole other story. And thanks for the heads up, I’ll give Charlotte’s Web a look and see what they say. But what’s odd is that of the myriad of withdrawal symptoms my anxiety seems to be easing off which is great.

So I’ll sit here and wait my turn for the MRI and hope that it’s not as bad as it might be. But oddly enough I do hope it is the AS causing the problems because from what I understand there’s a procedure that’s minimally invasive and extremely successful they can do to alleviate the numbness.

And, you can be sure that I won’t touch that crap again with a 10 foot pole especially after being burned once by the “marijuana has no withdrawal symptoms” bunch. LOL

So once again thanks for the advice and thanks for the positive thoughts and prayers and you can be assured they’re being reciprocated.



Well done! I am a freaking old lady, 73 who used for sleep and to control my anxiety….stopped working, and am now 4 weeks done, i vaped and make cookies with my homegrown pot. Actually stopped because I am going to Europe but had no clue as to the severity of the withdrawals. Will never, ever go back


Who needs weed when you can get high on the fashion in Paris or the history in Rome? Just remember, when the withdrawal symptoms hit, try substituting them with croissants and gelato – it might not cure you, but it’ll make the journey a whole lot sweeter! Best wishes @Barb

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I swim 1/2 mile 3-4 times a week and the endorphins, the peace and serenity that I feel, being in my own private space and the strength I have developed, has greatly reduced the chronic pain and inflammation and peripheral neuropathy I suffer with 24/7/365!

And it has more than helped me to reach 509 days clean and sober!:pray::hugs::pray::hugs::pray:


And much like you, I was taking it for the same reasons and ended up with the same result as you.

But the sad part is that when you talk to someone from the medical marijuana crowd about it not working their solution always was “just take more” well I took more and ended up getting screwed up from it.

I’m now 1 day away from one month and I’m still not doing as well as I thought I’d be. I still have some anxiety, anger issues and high blood pressure. I’m trying the pure CBD oil zero THC to see if it helps like the studies have said. But TBH I can’t tell if it helps or not but at least it’s non addictive. Then again given my other health issues some of my problems are likely because of them and not just the hemp.

Anyway thanks for the support and since they say it’s a process I’ll just keep plodding on and hopefully start feeling better sooner than later. And for the record just like you I’m never going back because whom ever called it the “devils lettuce” was right on. :rage:


Thanks for the support and I’m glad it’s working out for you. Hopefully you can continue to get some relief from your regime and especially a big


for staying clean and sober for 509 days. That’s an accomplishment given how easy it is to say, well I’m in pain and doing it just once won’t hurt. So like I said hang in there and let us know when you hit your 510 day mark and we’ll celebrate that milestone. :+1:

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Tried CBD gummies for a couple of days. Did absolutely nothing for me. I am taking a sleep blend, which does not help me either, but will keep trying. Sometimes a hot shower at night does the job. Finally after a 2.5 hour night I caved and “ borrowed “ one of my husband’s sleeping pills that he does not use. It worked and I had 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep, with dreams. It was a little too easy, so likely will not use them again. Sleep is the hardest for some of us to conquer. Listening to sleep hypnosis videos or binaural beats can help. Again it does take time, sometimes quite a bit. Regardless though I will never use cannabis again. It actually strengthens my resolve. Am way too old to ever go through this again and if I was young knowingly harming myself would be off the table. Do not give up, I believe there will be a beautiful light at the end of this tough tunnel.


I totally feel you on the whole sleep struggle thing. CBD gummies were a bust for me too (although they do help me relax a bit).

But man, that hot shower trick? That’s my go-to move along with chamomile tea.

25 days clean here.

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I was smoking an ounce per week since l lost my child. I used it like a pacifier. Any issue roll a joint. I can roll joints like an Olympian. I stopped weed because l think it was adding to my anxiety and depression. I am in theropy and take a mild antidepressant called fluoxetine. I have not had to much trouble quiting. Crazy dreams and trouble sleeping. I was before stopping weed, waking up in full out panic attack every morning. It was terrible. It would take all day to pull myself together. Then l was afraid to fall asleep because l knew the morning would bring, trying not to puke and terrible anxiety.
I am at 5 week today. The dreams have slowed down and are good fun one. My sleep started to get better at about 3 or 4 weeks. My sleep is still steadly improving.
I was really not getting high anymore. So now l know if l smoked l would get really high,and would love it. But the fear of feeding that anxiety again is much stronger than the weed cravings. I find it very interesting that people get anxiety and depression from stopping weed and l seem to be losing mine. I was on antidepressant with weed. I have cut back on my dose since stopping weed. As l read weed stops ones dopamine receptors from working. So we will see what happens in the coming weeks and months.
Funny story my weed dealer quit about 8 days after me. FYI his sleep started to get better at about 1 month.

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