Cold turkey or wean yourself?

I have tried to quit a couple of times. I keep going back :grimacing: Is it any easier to wean yourself by lowering usage? Will that help with the brutal withdrawal symptoms? I’m really struggling getting through withdrawal and keep saying just a little will make it more bearable…….geez I should have never started!

Its a struggle. Ive quit so many times over 3 decades smoking I really cant remember how many times.

The best way to quit is different. My last time which so far has worked is I had a bunch of flower and edibles and first smoked up the flower then used up the edibles. But also the same time I also had a minor surgery so was at home a few weeks. First week Id wake up and my sheets soaked from detox sweating.

But I had the motivation as I had dug myself into a hole financially from smoking and I started getting Hyperemesis Syndrome where the weed was causing me to violently vomit and was twice hosptialized for it. The first time I quit a short while them went back despite knowing better.

Everyone has a different way that works best wether cold turkey, tapering off, switching to edibles then quitting.

Some times the withdrawal was so bad I went back in a day but other times it was mild (though weeks later went back) despite always heavy smoker. If it was in the house Id get high 24/7.

It may help to see a counselor. I know my weed use was a bad coping mechanism I learned when young and often covering something else up. I find it does help if used sparingly, which as a kid it wasnt readily available and we had no money.

I follow a youtube channel Addiction Mindset and its crazy the stories he tells and how much I related to it. I learned a lot from it.

Im also taking the supplements KSM-66 and Ashwagandha which are supposed to help cravings though not sure they helped me. I just got to where I had so many issues slfron smoking I was disgusted with myself.

Good Luck!

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Just my two cents, I am for going cold turkey but support yourself with good supplements like a good b complex vitamin, lots of water and extra time to sleep and rest. Magnesium oil spray has helped me with sleep. I just think it’s better to turn the corner all the way rather than to be tempted to smoke “just a little”. You know your body better though so be patient and kind to yourself.

For me cold turkey was the only way to go. Id tell myself Ill cut back or wean off it and in no time be smoking all the time.

Its different for everyone and Ive quit many times and some ai got terroble withdrawals and other times none. I couldnt make sense of it.

This time its been a month and I feel great and had no urges. I did have a few days Id wake up drenched in sweat but went away after a few days.

Its been too easy but Im not complaining.

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