How do you overcome your cravings?

There have been some recent posts from group members struggling with cravings and their sobriety.

Perhaps as a group we could sharing how we have dealt with and overcome our own cravings.

For those of us who have been together for quite awhile, I believe we will agree that alone we are less, but together we are so much more​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs:

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How I deal with cravings:

  1. Identify the trigger.

Work stress, home stress, self induced stress, missing weed routine, spinning on something in my head that I want to stop, physical pain? I acknowledge the trigger. I write it down including day of week and time of day. I ask myself, are there any patterns?

  1. Remember where it leads.

This advice was given to me on this forum…I stop and think, ok, so go smoke, and then what? Then I close my eyes and I think about that day I passed out 5 times and took a squad ride with my children to the ER and everyone thought I was having a heart attack. I terrified my family and sacrificed my health, to smoke weed. I ask myself, is that who you are and who you’ve become? Is that the life you want to live?

  1. Am I prepared to start the detox over, which I’ve done several times already.

I think about my first 30 day detox journey. I ask myself, are you prepared to go through that again or potentially an even worse journey since each time you’ve done that in the past, stopped then started, it got worse each time? I’d ask myself, when is enough enough?

  1. Rewire the brain to rely on other things to lift spirits or manage pain

Do something nice for myself. I ask myself instead of turning to weed to self soothe, what is something else you could do. Manicure, pedicure, favorite coffee drink, walk outside with the dog…something that brings me joy and lifts my spirits that is natural life.

  1. Back to detox self care basics

To remind myself the enjoyment in the journey. Use all natural detox methods for self care. Hot baths with Epsom salts, hot/cold showers, dry brushing, decaf green tea, light a candle, soft music, force myself to give quiet time to myself to be with and process my thoughts.

  1. Let it out emotionally.

The sadness, rage, anger, fear, regret. Sometimes I cry sometimes I scream into a pillow and sometimes I just talk out loud to myself. Sometimes I stand in front of the mirror and have a conversation with myself.

  1. Connect with like friends and journal

Here, with you all, documented in a way we can all go back and read and be reminded, why we are doing what we are doing and to be strong for each other. This is really #1!

Would love to hear how others manage to stutaz’s request.

Thinking and praying (if you accept them) for my fellow Weedless friends.


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Thank you for being so open and honest and for bearing your soul🙏

By the way, my suggestion about taking a time out was for the end result to not give into your craving and smoke a bowl. The end game is if you practice it enough, the cravings will come less often and have less of any urgency attached to them. Not being critical, just wanted to clear the air on this one.

Over the years of my use and abuse, every time I swore I was done and the very next day I was off to the races, I always felt worse both physically and psychologically. Especially if I went without for a period of time and just let my addiction take front row, I could not truly believe how messed up I really was.

And the impact we have on our family, especially our children is something our addiction does not let us take into account the devastating impact our need to get stoned, really has on them.

Your list of your coping strategies is brilliant😃 I am sure it will bring some very valuable suggestions to so many in our group🙌

I pray that you find your way to a life Weedless and peace of mind body and soul​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs: