481 Days Clean & Sober - Not Bragging

May 2, 2022 I began my present Sobriety journey.

Prior to that day I could not put 2 days together.

I had taken me a very long time to get to my jumping off point and it took a solid 6 months, to start to appreciate the reversal of my use and abuse.

One Day At A Time Is The Only Way!

My life is so much better without the Weed, Alcohol or any and all mind altering substances!

You Can Do It Too​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs:


Brag away!! This is fantastic! I’m day 5 and got so happy I’m 2 days away from 1 week. I can’t wait to reach the number of days you have reached :tada:

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Keep going Brett, good luck​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs:

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Keep up the great work Stu, and thank you for being an inspiration to others who are working towards their own path of recovery. You’re proof that positive change is possible!

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You are an inspiration Stutaz!