516 Days Clean & Sober

516 Days Clean & Sober

  • before May 2, 2022 I could not put two days together without getting high
  • here is my recipe toward my sobriety
    went cold turkey
    just said no to any and all cravings
    slugged it out with horrible dreams,
    inability to sleep, feelings of depression
    and anxiety, thoughts and feelings like
    I was truly going out of my mind, anger,
    intolerance, impatience, why the fuck
    am I feeling this way, when is all of this
    going to stop, how much longer am I
    going to have to suffer, maybe just one
    hit won’t be such a big deal, JUST SAID
    NO, NO, participated with our group
    every day, sometimes several times a
    day, was totally honest with others and
    and most importantly with myself
  • as the fog, the haze, the numbness
    started to lift, I began to experience what it was like to truly be me, the clarity led to more clarity, a sense of joy and personal accomplishment began to grow, the small and the so not small miracles began to appear
  • my problems, challenges, feelings I had numbed over for years were mine to deal with (and man was that scary at first) I spoke with my Therapist once a week (and still do) I continue to consult with my Psychiatrist once a month, I take my SSRI every morning (without fail)
  • I am enjoying my family, our three grandchildren, my everyday life, like I have not in way too long😍

Why am I sharing all of this? (and believe you me, there is so much more), because I/we are so much alike, I am an addict and will always be an addict (and I have made peace with that) wanting to remain clean and sober 1 day at a time🙏

No magic formula, no potions, no using any and all mind altering substances and an undying determination to never look back, never go back to where I was prior to May 2, 2022

Does any or all of this sound familiar?

Do I believe that each and everyone of you can truly live a life without Weed? Yes, Yes and Yes. Will it be possibly the hardest thing you have ever done, Yes, will it take a long time, Yes, will leaving the Weed in your rear view mirror be a life changing event, Yes! The only question which remains is are you willing to do what it takes???

I enjoy read what all of have to say. It is very helpful. I went to an NA meeting last evening. I fould it to be very intetesting. I was a cigarette addict. Then l switched to weed. Pretty sure it was the smoke and the rebellion that l liked most. I had not been getting high from pot for years. I have not smoked in over 5 weeks. I stopped because l think it was adding to or causing anxiety and depression I do not really miss it so much. My dreams and duration of sleep are getting much better. I do know if l did pot now l would get really high and l think that would be great. Not really sure though. This one day at a time thing seems really new and helpful.

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The battles with cravings, sleepless nights, and the rollercoaster of emotions are familiar to many, and your story will undoubtedly resonate with those who’ve faced similar challenges.

Your willingness to share your experience is a gift to others who are on this journey. It’s a reminder that there’s no magic fix, but with determination and support, it’s possible to create a brighter, sober future.

:pray::hugs::pray::hugs: It’s all about helping each other​:grinning: