I believe in You, Do you believe in yourself?

505 Days Clean & Sober

Weed was all I used to think about, now it is the furthest thing from my mind.

In fact, I cannot even remember the last time such a thought entered my mind.

Before May 2, 2022 I could not put 2 days together.

This is not me bragging, blowing my own horn, it is just me sharing that we are capable of personal achievements, we never thought possible.

If you believe it, embrace it, stick with it no matter how difficult it may be, you too can get to where you want to be, without Weed and any and all mind altering substances!

I believe that each and everyone of you can, Do You Believe In Yourself?


@stutaz As someone who has been sober for over a year now, can you offer some tips as to how to find joy in a life without weed?

The world seems very dark and gray to me right now. One of the things I love about getting high is how colorful things are, how amazing food tastes, how happy I feel. I’m much nicer to people, more agreeable with my family, and things that normally would bother me when I’m sober don’t bother me when I’m high. I would even say that I am funnier because I don’t filter my thoughts; and it seems like the people around me like me better that way.

I’m on day 7, but I don’t know if I can maintain this “positive mental attitude” and try to fake my mind into believing I can do this.

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I wish I had some solutions, a solution for finding happiness, being happier, acting happier to your family, feeling that way for yourself, without being stoned.

First and foremost why have you decided to stop the Weed? Your description about yourself being high and not being stoned, sounds like two different personalities.

Perhaps you need to dig further into yourself with the help of a trained professional? They can help you find the answers to some of your why’s and guide you to a more fulfilled person, less the Weed.

From my experience the overall positive result from getting high, was very temporary. Until, the positives from being stoned, just were not there anymore.

For me, it was not until I abstained for 6 months, that I could begin to truly feel unadulterated emotions. And for me I had been covering up so much for so many years, that it was only with very hard work and the support of a professional, that I could find my way back to who I truly was.

Sending You​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs::pray:

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I am 4 weeks. I smoked an ounce a week. Much less before l lost my child 5 years ago. I live smoking and loved weed. Although l think it was causing me anxiety and depression. At about 3 weeks no weed l started feeling better. I think you need to give yourself more time. Curious why did you quit weed?

May the memory of your child serve as a blessing to all who knew.her/him​:pray::hugs:

In the face of such an unimaginable tragedy, you are extremely brave deciding to stop using Weed.

Why did I stop after a lifetime of use and abuse?
To actually not deal with anxiety and depression, Weed made them so much worse.

Didn’t want to hide and sneak and lie anymore, all related to most of my using in secrecy.

Just got so tired of being sick and tired. One was too many and 1000 was never enough.

I wanted to live with, experience my life with clarity!

I wanted to be like all of the people who never used Weed, alcohol or any mind altering substances.

I wanted to truly know, feel what it meant to be me!

Wishing you good luck with your personal journey​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs:

I think you are right. I just needed to give myself more time and be patient. I’m at 12 days now and things are returning to normal. I had a grapefruit for breakfast today (it’s great to be able to eat normally again and not have nausea or diarrhea) and I was reminded of a moment I had when I was high where a grapefruit looked so fascinating with its fibers and colors and the juice was amazing. Today’s grapefruit looked and tasted just as amazing as the one I had while high.

I realized life’s color and flavor is actually better now that I’m fully alert and present. Life’s little moments aren’t passing by me in a fog anymore. I have more energy and am losing weight (which is a good thing for me) because I’m not getting munchies anymore.

I guess ultimately the reason I quit is that I don’t want to be dependent on a substance to feel normal and happy. I had gone on vacation and was high for all my waking hours. When I woke up on the morning after returning from vacation, I realized how many edibles I was taking and I decided I needed to quit because I was constantly reaching for the gummies. As soon as I was starting to sober up, I’d pop another gummy.

So I decided to quit. The withdrawal was so bad I thought, this drug CANNOT be as harmless as everyone says it is. I want to be free of its painful clutches. I realized there is a bad side to weed that I hadn’t been aware of. Now I am starting to feel like the worst is over and I NEVER want to feel that bad again so I won’t ever do that again.

Thank you all for the support. This place has been really helpful to me on this journey. Reading the stories of others shows me I am not alone and if other people are able to quit after more years of use than I have, I can quit too.

I am so happy to hear you are doing better. I have been a heavy pot user for the better part of 35 years. I have not had weed in any form for 31 days. I stopped because my anxiety and depression was killing me. I lost my youngest child 5 years ago . I just kept smoking more weed. I was smoking about an ounce per week, with gummies as extras. I think the weed or excessive use of my have been causing much of not helping with my anxiety and depression. Also l am 62 years old and when l lost my child, dieing would have been a gift. Now 5 years later dieing from smoking does not sound good at all. I really hope l never smoke again. You should be very proud of yourself. Maybe promise yourself a gift at the end of each potless week. Something you would not normal spend the money on. But now you can afford with your extra money. I got myself a kayak a few days ago. Now l need a rake to transport it. Keep up the good work

Congratulations on your smoke-free month! :tada: You’ve gone from “smokin’ to strokin’” with that new kayak! Who would’ve thought quitting weed would lead to becoming an aquatic adventurer? Just remember, if you ever tip over, you can use the kayak paddle to row your way back to sanity! Well done @Tracey

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You’re absolutely rocking this journey to a clearer, more vibrant life! It’s amazing how those everyday moments can become extraordinary when you’re fully present. And hey, who needs munchies when you can snack on the sweet taste of freedom and self-discovery? Keep up the fantastic work, and remember, you’ve got a community of supporters cheering you on every step of the way!

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Congratulations on deciding to separate yourself from Weed!

Sharing how your life has improved and what being present truly feels like.

It will continue to get better and better!

Believe in yourself and the sky is the limit😀

So glad you found your way here and decided to join us​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs::pray:

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Congratulation on 1 month and replacing the Weed with:

Paddling not only provides a complete body workout in beautiful and peaceful surroundings but can also enable you to unwind, recharge and forget your everyday troubles. Plus, **it is an easy, enjoyable and fun low-impact workout that provides a wide range of experiences!

Great way to really get in shape, overcome cravings, benefit spiritually from being out on the water and reinvent yourself​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs::pray:

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