Showing Up Is Where It All Begins

The first step toward getting clean and sober is showing up, so congratulations to each and everyone of you, for finding your way here😀

If you are truly wanting a clean and sober life, joining is a very good decision on your part.

Leaving the Weed behind is not for the faint of heart, but it is doable! It took you a long time to get to where you are now and withdrawal is not about immediate satisfaction (which getting stoned was so very much a part of) it is what I choose to refer to as your personal “Slugfest”.

The only way is one day at a time, there are no short cuts, no secret solutions, no exact time line. Each of us are different and the process of getting clean and sober is exactly that, your own personal journey!

This group is all about being non judgmental, without criticism, all about supporting one another in only the most positive of ways!

Prior to May 2, 2022 I could not put 2 days together, but I have been clean and sober ever since.

So get on board, hang onto your hats and congratulate yourself for showing up​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs:

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