Make Wise Choices People

Just checking in with everyone, hope you are doing well🙏

I have been witness to a good friend (in his 60s) who was arrested for a DUI and because he did not take take this very serious situation seriously, it has gone from bad to so much worse☹️

And he still continues to use👀

His story is truly an example of being too brazen, to self centered, believing he had everything under his control, leading up to him totally messing up his life:

  • 28 days in a detox, refused after care, boarded a train to return to his home state and immediately returned to using
  • $30,000 in the hole and still bleeding money
  • driver’s license suspended
  • attending 12 hours court ordered safe driving course
  • having to go for a second court ordered psych evaluation
  • his friends and family have all turned away
  • and so much more😡

His saga began last year with no end in sight!

It has been personally painful to witness his crumbling and I continue to talk with him regularly, but I too am running out of steam! What he had continued to treat as a big joke, is anything but☹️

Attempting to help him has been physiologically exhausting and ineffectual.

No one can help him now, including me😢

The big take away my brothers and sisters​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs:

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