Shit Happens and You Best Be Prepared

Shit Happens, it is just a fact none of us can avoid. I am not going to list examples, because there are too many and quite honestly, each and everyone of us can make our own list!

The other thing we can be certain is change, be it personally, professionally, pertaining to relationships……. Nothing is forever, we can’t avoid it and we better be willing to accept it and shift gears to keep moving forward.

And if we do not welcome the change (however, easy or hard it might be) we stay stuck, rather than learning, growing and turning it into our own next best thing.

I have never known anyone who could truly be tested in such ways stoned, drunk or both. No way no how can we function at even a fraction of our potential, when we are out of our minds.

Part of Recovery is about being prepared for what life throws at us and doing our best to remain calm and level headed, during that perfect storm!

Of course, this is just one man’s opinion after 70 trips around the :sun_with_face::sunny:

TGIF, may your upcoming weekend be filled with your continued sobriety, peace of mind, body and soul​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs: