Welcome New Members!

Hello there, fantastic folks of our incredible quitting weed forum! We’re absolutely thrilled to extend the warmest welcome to all our new members. Thank you for choosing to embark on this transformative journey with us!

@Kairon87 (Kairon)
@chosweetie (Carmen)
@Quinne23 (Harley)
@merv (Mary)
@Reginald66 (Perry)
@Ioaioa (Ionna)

Quitting weed can be a profound and life-changing experience, and we’re here to celebrate every step of your journey. Whether you’re celebrating a weed-free week, month, or more, we applaud your determination and perseverance!

For those of you just starting your weedless adventure, remember that every day is a new opportunity to embrace a healthier, more vibrant you. You’ve got a supportive community right here, ready to lend an understanding ear, offer guidance, or simply share a virtual high-five!


Welcome!! 31 days weedless for me. It can be done!!

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A warm and hearty welcome to each and everyone of you. We are so very glad that you landed here and look forward to supporting you through your personal journey :pray::hugs::pray::hugs: