What’s In Your Clean & Sober Toolkit?

What Do You Have In Your Clean & Sober Toolkit?

This topic has come up many times and how important it is to have your own Toolkit for remaining clean & sober!

In short, a sober toolkit is a collection of tools or healthy coping mechanisms that you can use to help you on your journey to an alcohol-free life. Your tools for sobriety are the things that you turn to instead of using your usual crutch – Weed or any mind altering substances.

Perhaps you will share with us what the inside of your Toolkit and what has worked for you?

I find that if I have the urge to use, I remind myself of the withdraw cycle and ask myself, “Do you want to do that again?”. It’s a stark reminder, and helps me get to, the high isn’t worth the recovery. Somedays easier than others, but it reminds me during withdraw, that I MADE THIS DECISION, NO ONE ELSE. So, I accept the outcome of my decision, and remind myself, make a different decision next time. The best part, I was introduced to that concept on this forum by another weedless. Stay strong all. xo