Whenever You Took Your First Hit - Tell Us About Your's

Whenever you took your first hit, smoked your first bowl, your first joint, who would have ever thought that one day you would find yourself in a really bad and very scary place with Weed?

I don’t know what each of your issues, are, were, but I for one was truly scared by the negative effects:

  • psychotic episodes with really scary thoughts, emotions, lack of control, my heart felt like it was going jump out of my body, explode!

I once ate too much of a large Marijuana cookie, spent the entire night walking the sidewalks in our development, every time I thought I was finally coming down, the next wave of drug induced palpitations showed up, I truly thought I was going to die😳

As bad as it got, as many times as I swore I was done, finished, never again, my addiction was the boss and I was helpless and hopeless, adrift in vast sea of confusion and despair![:face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I thought my sharing might spark others to want to share? If not, no worries. The moral of my personal story (and I could fill many books with many more such experiences) is that I survived, I am here (I know too many who are gone a long time) and I can wallow with being Clean and Sober and Weed free![:pray:


Your post highlights the reality that substance use, including marijuana, can have negative effects on individuals, even if they initially found pleasure or enjoyment in using it. It’s crucial to acknowledge that everyone’s journey with substances can be unique, and some individuals may encounter difficulties and negative consequences along the way.

It’s inspiring to hear that you have been able to overcome your struggles and are now living a clean, sober, and weedless life. Recovery is a challenging and ongoing process, and it’s a testament to your strength and resilience that you have been able to find a path towards sobriety. Nicely done!!


My first hit was when I was eighteen years old. It took me several hits, actually, before I felt anything. I remember going to the bathroom and giggling, giddy with a new feeling of bliss. While my usage started out slow, by age 21 I was a chronic everyday smoker and my academics started to suffer. Twenty years later, I’m finally ready for a change. I’m not getting high anymore, I’m must using to feel normal.


I’ve experienced something very similar with weed. Panic attacks like no other, no fun when you think that you’re dying. But, it’s moments like that that has solidified my decision to quit. I don’t ever want to feel that way again.

To answer your question, not sure the exact moment. I’ve always been against drugs, was really into sports growing up, and didn’t try it till I was in my mid twenties when my days playing sports was behind me. Was then on and off again for like ten years till Covid hit. And from there it spiraled out of control.


I was 11 years-old. My parents had just gotten divorced and my mom let my sister and I take a hit because it’d be “better” to try it in a safe place with someone you trust… I didn’t even know what weed was until a few months before this happened, I wasn’t even thinking about trying it. Children are impressionable especially by their parents.

She soon after regretted her decision and didn’t want me to do it again, but it was too late. I had no clue how much of an impact this drug would have on me at the time. But that was almost 14 years ago.

As much as I disagree with my moms decision to do that, I take responsibility for healing from my destructive relationship with weed. It would be so easy to blame her, especially since our relationship has had many serious low points. Yes it’s tricky since I was so young and didn’t get a fair start but I have no one to blame for continuing down this path for the last decade. I do wonder what my life would be like if that night never happened… But that’s not reality, so I move forward. Below is my age progression with weed:

11-14: Occasional use. Anywhere from 1-6x a month give or take. Hard to remember…
15-17: Frequent Use. Once I had a car it got more serious. Avg. 3-5x times a week.
18-22: Chronic use. Everyday, multiple times a day. I think I quit a few times during this period but never lasted long. I think I was 20 when I was diagnosed with Cannabis Use Disorder. Developed Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome.
23-Now: Chronic use stopped when I quit cold turkey and was sober for several months in 2022. Few months relapse. Now I’m sober again for a couple months :pray::star:


Wow, that’s a crazy story! I’m happy that you’ve taken responsibility for you, instead of just blaming others. It seems we live in a world where everybody likes to point fingers but have no real solution to the problem. It really says a lot about your character, and taking self-responsibility is pretty much a prerequisite for quitting. Congrats on the sobriety!


You are still very young and have the opportunity to not spend many more years of repeating your progression.

Thank you for being so open and honest and for bearing your soul!

With each new day which we are granted, we have the opportunity to be a better version of ourselves.

Wishing good luck with your journey​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs:


I have been using weed daily since my mid 20s l am 62. Suffering from depression and anxiety. I have been smoking an ounce a week and some gummies here and there. I read that weed might be causing my anxiety and depression. I also read that quiting causes anxiety and depression. Can both be true? I stopped smoking joints in june, went to only vaping and gummies. Not sure but probably cut my consumption in half or less. I became depressed with anxiety, could not eat and had trouble sleeping. I upped my anity depressents nothing seemed to help. So now l am trying no weed of any kind. I am on day 5. Does weed cause depression and anxiety? Do others have the same issues? I never kept weed secret, l smoked to much for it to be a secret. Please help

Consulting with your mental health professional and be brutally honest with them. If you are serious about improving your present status, then you have to be willing to do the hard work.

Can using and quitting stimulate the symptoms of anxiety and depression, from personal experience YES!

If numbing your feelings and emotions was a major part of your using and abusing, that needs to be addressed with a health care professional.

If the anxiety and depression is a result of your using and abusing, you will never know what awaits you, until you stop using.

Withdrawal is a beast, but those of us who no longer use can attest to how much better life has become!

Sending you hugs and prayers​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs:


In essence, both scenarios you mentioned can indeed be true: weed might have been contributing to your anxiety and depression, and quitting can also lead to a period of increased anxiety and depression as your body and mind adapt to the absence of THC.

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Very brave of you to share, to be so open and honest!

I was most irresponsible when I would get high with my son and his friends, during his college years. I thought it was cool, they thought I was cool, but I was anything but cool😡

I would get it from people he knew and I would share with him when he did not have. As good a Dad as I have been throughout the lives of my wife and son and daughter, there are so many things related to my use and abuse that I wish I had not participated in☹️

My son still likes to get high, but is a responsible and loving husband and parent and a solid citizen in his professional life.

I still wish that I had not had a hand in introducing him to Weed.

The past is gone and I can only lead by my example today and into the future. Perhaps my Sobriety will have a positive impact on my son​:pray::pray:

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I have truly learned and now understand that we cannot play the victim to the circumstances we created and are totally responsible for!

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Going into 11 days no weed. Last night l slept well. I am surprised that l am really not smoking. I have talked to my therapist about not smoking pot. But he is not an expert on stopping weed. I like coming here and reading what orhers have to say. I think after l lost my child l really upped the pot. So deal now l have nothing to hide behind. Well l do take antidepressants. It has been helpful and uplifting to read what others have to say.

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Being both a parent and grandparent, I cannot imagine what you have survived losing your child😭

To survive such a loss is unconscionable! May the memory of your child serve as a blessing to all who know/knew you and them!

Glad to hear you are under the care of a Therapist🙏 Have you considered joining a group of people such as yourself, for more support? And you are agreeing to take an antidepressant, which is truly wise. Not using Weed will allow what was prescribed to do a better job!

That you have decided to give up Weed is extremely admirable and will allow you to better deal with your loss, with greater clarity.

I will pray for you, that you can find your way to a place of less pain and anguish (if such a state is possible for you):pray::hugs::pray::hugs:


What a kind and helpful think to say. I think l should look into a supportive group for people who have also lost a child. Thank you for being so kind.

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:pray::hugs::pray::hugs: Wishing much of the same for you and your peace of mind, body and soul​:grinning:

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I am also a long time user of 40 years am five wks clean cold turkey with nothing to help but the odd sleeping tablet to get some sleep I m suffering with a little anxiety and depression iv started walking a lot and find it helps a bit my dreams are still crazy but I am starting to have the odd moment of feeling good I can only believe that every day I’m getting closer to being and feeling normal and this keeps me going how long I wish I new but for me there’s no going back whatever lyes ahead stay strong love n respect

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Congratulations on making your decision to leave the Weed, in your rear view mirror🙌

I promise you that the longer you stick to the commitment, the more moments of clarity you will be rewarded with!


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I am 7 weeks now. Really feeling better. I can sleep well. The dreams are mostly fun. My voice is back. I still can not taste to well. I think l am going to start using recipes. I can not count on my taste. The saving money thing is great. So far l am not having anxiety problems, no more depression either. I really am thinking it was the weed. Well my excessive use of weed.

Hope you stick with your personal commitment toward abstaining from Weed🙏

As good as your feel presently, the better it gets, the longer you stay away from it!

And psychologically you will be much better off​:pray::hugs::pray::hugs:

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