All the more reasons to not smoke Marijuana!

Good morning, good afternoon one and all!

Sink your teeth into this latest news release! All the more reason to not introduce Marijuana smoke into your lungs and expose others-most especially your children to second hand smoke (coming from our use and abuse.

What more of a reason to leave the Weed in your rear view mirror?

Is inhaling marijuana smoke safer than inhaling smoke from tobacco? A majority of American adults say yes, according to a new survey, and they also believe there
is less harm to adults and children from secondhand marijuana smoke than tobacco smoke.

However, those beliefs are just not true, said lead study author Dr. Beth Cohen, professor of medicine at
the University of California, San Francisco and co-director of UCSF’s program in residency investigation methods and epidemiology.

“When you burn something, whether it is tobacco or cannabis, it creates toxic compounds, carcinogens,
and particulate matter that are harmful to health,” she said in an email. “It’s the combustion that’s the problem, so this idea that because cannabis is ‘natural’ burning and inhaling it is fine is just wrong.”

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