How long did sleep take to get back to normal?

Did it take anyone longer than 3 weeks THC abstinence for sleep hygiene restoration?

One of my barriers to quitting weed altogether is pain and rising antibody levels. I can go about 3 weeks before some neurological problems I have flare up and leave me immobilized with pain and stiffness.

I wonder if I could make it longer than 3 weeks, I could get back to the sleep quality I had before I used started using high THC weed from dispensaries?

How long did it take everyone else before their sleep hygiene was restored?

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Hi @Cherchezlafemme

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The timeline for sleep hygiene restoration can vary greatly from person to person, and it depends on various factors, including your individual physiology, the frequency and amount of THC use, and any underlying health conditions (as you noted).

Unfortunately, sleep difficulty is one of the most persistent withdrawal symptoms and it can take several months for your sleep to return to baseline.

One outpatient study assessing 18 regular marijuana users (and 12 former marijuana users) found that withdrawal symptoms most often appeared between days 1-3, peaked between days 2-6, and lasted 4-14 days. In the study, participants completed a 5-day “smoking-as-usual” phase followed by a 45-day abstinence phase. While most other withdrawal symptoms resolved, sleep difficulty and “strange dreams” did not return to baseline in that 45-day period.

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