Time To Quit! (A quick word on time.)

I felt compelled to write tonight a little bit. OK, so I lied, it’s a little long, but both addicts and non-addicts agree, it’s worth the read, so hear me out!

It seems that there’s a lot of teachers on here, and admittedly, I’m also one. I’m good at working with people, being relatable and understanding. A lot of being a teacher is being 100% truthful and honest while also speaking from a place of love and compassion. At the end of the school year, I always ask my students what’s the most valuable thing in the World? You’ll get all sorts of answers, but my answer is always “Time”, and more specifically what we do with that time.

I say that you can run out of money, but you can always make more. You can lose your possessions, but you can always repurchase them. You can even lose your friends, but you can make new ones. What happens when we run out of time? Well, that’s it. We’re only given a certain amount of time on this Earth, and the worst thing we can do to ourselves and those that love and support us is to waste it.

I say that to them to really push them to make the most of their time and to slow down and cherish their youth. To love their families while their still together. To not rush to grow up, but to enjoy the moments, because you won’t get them back. One day you’ll wake up and you’ll realize that you’ve become an adult. Did you make the most of your youth? Did you use your time wisely. When you’re old and grey, are you going to have fond memories or are you going to look back and say, “What if?”

I say this to you to help you on your journey to freedom from addiction. Why wait to quit when our time is so valuable? Time is finite and limited, there’s no way to know how much of it we have left. Cherish those we love while the opportunity still lasts. Make memories that you can vividly remember while you still can.

If you feel that you’ve wasted your time being stoned, just don’t. I’m guilty of this, but I can now see the forest through the trees. You may feel like you have wasted a lot of time, doors that were once open for you are now shut. However, that time is not wasted, and don’t try to convince yourself otherwise. There’s a greater reason for it and I truly feel that in the end, when we overcome our addiction, that we’ll grow to become stronger individuals because of this.

Addiction can define a lot of people, but those who overcome it says so much to me about somebody’s character. It’s a lot harder than anybody realizes. It takes a great deal of humility to admit when you’re wrong and you need to make a change. An initiative to fix it and do something about it. An incredible amount of commitment to stick with it. And ultimately a winner to overcome and conquer. I believe there’s a champion in all of us!

If you’re on the fence of quitting. Just commit. Don’t dip your toes, quitting is a leap of faith, you just have to believe in yourself. If you’ve already taken that step, then congrats!

If you just need to chat with someone, but you don’t want to make it public, feel free to message me!


You’re absolutely right that even the moments we might perceive as “wasted” can contribute to our growth and development. Each experience, whether positive or challenging, shapes us in unique ways.

Thank you for being the kind of teacher who imparts not only academic knowledge but also life wisdom. Your emphasis on the value of time no doubt resonates deeply with many heavy users – weed is very good at making one complacent in life.


Thank you for your personal wisdom. And, although we do not know each other, your student’s are very lucky to have you as their teacher.

Our daughter, who is also an Educator to middle schoolers, whose third grade teacher, challenged her (oh so long ago) student’s with “What If”:
You tried harder
Said you were sorry
Said I love you more
Tried a new way of thinking, believing, acting each day
Introduced yourself to someone new
And in our specific case, lived our lives without use and abuse
What might we learn, realize, discover about ourselves and the world around us?

I recently celebrated 70 trips around the sun and have logged over 460 days without Weed (presently) It took me a very long time to get here (had 10 years clean and sober 2 1/2 years ago) but, this time it is for the rest of my life.

Your comments about time, its value and its brevity is something which becomes a stark reality, at this point in my life. So many family and friends who are no longer with us, our favorite musicians who have also left us, world leaders (who were truly that, not the nonsense of those not leading us today) sports figures who impacted all of our lives, we are all here for just so many days.

I wish you strength, self introspection and the staying power, to beat back your addiction🙏 I for one have never enjoyed the time I still have with being retired, having 3 incredible grandchildren, a wife who celebrated 48 years of marriage (this month) and the clarity and personal freedom of living life on life’s terms, without Weed or any mind altering substances!

I leave you with “What If”:pray::hugs::pray::hugs:

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